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Hi everyone I am on mommy makeover part 2! Having...

Hi everyone I am on mommy makeover part 2! Having my 2nd son did a number on my stomach. 5weeks and bed rest plus 60_lbs left me with stretch marks. I call them my war scars from childbirth.. Lol. So now its time to fix it. I had a BA in Mar but wanted the TT too. It was too expensive and the timing wasn't right. My consult is next Thursday, Yes me!

Date booked!!!

I'm super excited!! I booked my surgery date with Dr. C.. Nov 3rd....

37 days

Omg! I have 37 days left.. Super excited and scared at the same time!!!
Time is flying and I am so ready! I can not wait to feel sexy in lingerie and dresses.. Anything where I will not have a puge.

I'm ready

In 33 days this guy will be gone!!!!


I'm getting closer and closer and nervous. I have started buying stuff and making a list. I want to sleep in my bed but I'm curious as how everyone else does it. Do you put down a chuck pads? Or a bunch of sheets and chuck pads?


This is how low I want my scar. This is one of Dr. C patients????

3weeks till

Super excited I have 3 weeks till my TT, MR, lipo of the flanks back, inner thighs and upper stomach.


I hate waiting!! I did my cbc test today. I shouldn't have a problem because I don't have a cycle because I had a hysterectomy. I took iron pills, drunk orange juice without calcium, and beets juiced with ginger. Hopefully no problems!!! Surgery in 16 days


My CBC results was 14.1 damn girl I did that. So excited and ready to get this done!!! Lord willing!!!


Dr. Cochran staff is excellent! They are so helpful and make me feel so comfortable..!i can't wait to see the results. I'm still trying to decided if I want to stay overnight T hotel or ride two hours home.
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