Fat grafting or Permalip? Your opinions - Atlanta, GA

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I haven't had my consultation just yet but I am...

I haven't had my consultation just yet but I am going back and forth on the top lip or having both done. I've never had fillers and I don't want to waste money on them so I'm going permanent. I know my smile is a bit wide and it concerns me a bit. My lips are so, so thin and I have to constantly line them with lipstick, dark lipstick. Any experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm very nervous by the way..

Thin mouth


As you can see without the lipstick I have a very thin mouth. I want to feel okay with my lips without lipstick. I don't even go anywhere unless I have something on my lips! I'm hoping a medium sized implant will make my lips more pronounced and proportionate.

This is the problem.

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