Latisse is Working! Yay! - Atlanta, GA

I purchased Latisse 4 weeks ago. I absolutely can...

I purchased Latisse 4 weeks ago. I absolutely can tell a difference in my lashes already.

I was very skeptical about using the product, but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to try. my lashes were damaged and short because I wore false strips at least 3 days a week.

I decided to give my lashes a rest and not wear any falsies while using Latisse. The first two weeks I was losing hope, but not that it is the 4th week I see that they are longer. I cannot wait until the 8th week!!!

The only things that I noticed is for the first 4 days my eyes were red, but that completely went away. I also notices that the skin on my eyelids have darkened where Latisse is applied. It kinda looks like a light brown eyeliner thing going on(nothing to complain about at all though).

I will be posting pics the 16th week showing the before and after. Have fun with God's gift to lashes lol :-*

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