Straightened Teeth at 54 - Atlanta, GA

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I started with a new dentist about 10 years ago....

I started with a new dentist about 10 years ago. After evaluating my mouth, she recommended Invisalign Express (10 trays or fewer). My teeth were not seriously crooked but were slightly misaligned. I wasn't sure at first, but after looking around at work, I realized that ALL of the younger people had nice, straight, beautiful teeth. I decided to go for it. I started out with the 10 trays, but after the 10th set, my bottom teeth looked worse than before I started. My dentist took pictures and impressions and worked with Invisalign to make it right. They did. I got about 5 more bottom trays and that did the trick. I think that crooked teeth really age a person. I am very happy with my result and recommend the process to anyone considering it. However, be advised -- you have to continue wearing the aligners long past the day your teeth are straightened in order to maintain. I am still wearing mine at night.
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