41 Yo Female---in Pain!! Atlanta, GA

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I'm a 41 yo female with no kids. I work out...

I'm a 41 yo female with no kids. I work out vigorously 3-4x/week. I'm 5'6" and weigh 139 lbs. I'm good with my diet and stopped all dairy and chicken over the past two years. I decided on CoolSculpt because after a traumatic care accident where I broke my femur and had surgery for that, a fractured foot, and facial plastics, I promised no more painful surgeries.
I had my lower abdomen done with the extra large applicator and I had both flanks. The office staff was great and I chose them because they had multiple machines so my four areas was only 2 hours.
Initially I gained 8 lbs of fluid due to being swollen!!! I lost 4 lbs of fluid on day 3. On day 5 I started experiencing piercing, sharp, electric shock pains around my navel. I rate it a 10 out of 10!!! Lido patches did nothing!! Now its day 7 and I'm taking Norco with the Lidocaine patch which has taken the edge off andniw I would rate my pain 4/10. I got now sleep for two nights and hope tonight I can sleep.
If I knew I would have pain like this I would not of done CoolSculpt. I hope the results are worth it. Hope the pain will go away. Anyone knows how long it will last?

Day 8

I got sleep the past 2 nights after taking Norco and wearing a Lidocaine patch. I feel much better. I had a pain episode yesterday evening and small pains this morning. Still wearing dresses because my belly button is tender.
However, my waist has gone down an inch!! Despite my lower abdomen is still slightly swollen. I about 3 lbs from my weight the morning of the procedure.
Things are looking better! Yay!
Dermatology Associates

Del, PA and the MAs were niceand efficient

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