25 Years Old - No Kids - 36 F - Atlanta, GA

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Hello Everyone! I have been following along with...

Hello Everyone! I have been following along with so many of your stories and they have been so helpful that I thought I would write about my own in hopes of helping someone else considering a breast reduction.

A little bit about me:
I am 25 years old and a size 36 F. My boobs were a D by the time I hit high school and definitely got some unwanted attention. I stayed pretty active in high school and for a few years after so it was easier to carry the weight from my boobs by working out my back muscles as much as possible. After a few years, it became harder and more painful to keep running and working out. I could no longer fit in the regular Victoria Secret bras (and who doesn't want to wear the cute bras from there?!?) so I have been wearing nothing but a sports bra for over a year now. Even they give me problems with my back and neck and don't offer very much support when I exercise. I pretty much gave up running and gained some weight. I am about 5'10 and 190 pounds now. :(

I have my first consultation scheduled tomorrow and am very nervous. I will be going home for the surgery so that my mother can baby me while I recover. I am very excited for this journey! <3

Insurance Approved!

I met with a few plastic surgeons last week and finally decided on Dr. Ashraf in Atlanta! I just got a phone call that the insurance has approved my surgery, only a week after my consult! My surgery has been scheduled for December 19th! I wish I could have it sooner but that is the only time that works with my school and work schedule so the countdown is on! I have so many questions about post surgery and healing as well as scar therapy so I am excited to spend the next two months reading tons of reviews! I will add pictures a little bit later!
Dr. Ashraf

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