22 Year Old, 1 Kid , Breastfed for 27 Months - Atlanta, GA

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I'm really excited to finally be doing this for...

I'm really excited to finally be doing this for myself !! I was a 32a then got pregnant, became a 34dd.. breastfed for 27 months. Now all I have left is saggy skin bags. The farthest thing from being attractive. I went to my consultation, have my pre-op July 8th and surgery on the 12th.
I had my blood work done and I'm high in potassium. My doctor won't perform on Me till that goes down ???? I am a vegan plant eater who gets a ton of potassium a day so this is a challenge for me. But I accept it! I will change my diet for the next 4 days to get my blood work looking normal.
I have chosen to go with 440cc. I'm getting a lift as well as receiving lipo in my breast that is noticeably larger.
I am 5'4
115 pounds.
I would really like to fill out a C and borderline D.

Post surgery day 1

Holy shit. The pain is almost unbearable. I can even sit up or walk with out having horrible pains in my chest. I still haven't looked at my new boob's yet because I hurt so bad.

6 days post op

I almost feel no pain now! It's amazing how just one day can speed up your healing process. It's still uncomfortable and I am taking my pain meds twice a day. I still have my ace bandage wrap on along with tape around my incision. I go tomorrow for my 2ND post on appointment and will take pictures then of my new editions.
So far I love them. I did have lipo on my right which gas caused more swelling on that side along with it looking more funky but I am assuming this will set nicely with the other one.
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