28, 5'4, 145 Lb. 450cc Gel Silicone Under Muscle - Atlanta, GA

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Day two post op, still sore but happy to have...

Day two post op, still sore but happy to have boobs. Went from A cup to DD. The DR's were very nice and caring. My sweet boyfriend took me. We got there at 6Am. I was the first surgery of the day, so I was the first one out. After surgery I felt great, day two has been rough still sore and in pain but just trying to get through the night tonight sleeping at a 45 degree angle.

Before shot

I forgot to upload a few before shots.

One more before shot in bikini. So sad

Day 4 still miserable.

I'm still in constant pain. Not sure if my dr gave me strong enough pain meds, but it's bad. I've been sleeping in a chair for the last 4 nights because it keeps me propped up. Last night I tried to climb in to bed with my boyfriend, just because I wanted to sleep next to him, and I ended up waking him up because I was crying I was in so much pAin. Even though we stacked to pillows high enough to mock the chair, it still didn't work. I'm not really having the best of luck with this surgery. I still can't poop. I'm constantly tired because I can't sleep longer than 2 hours at at time. And I'm becoming more and more impatient as time goes on.
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