26 Years Old, 5'8", 135 Lbs, One Child Breastfed, 350cc and 300cc Silicone under the muscle via inframmamary incision

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After years of contemplating, I am finally going...

After years of contemplating, I am finally going through with getting a BA. I have decided on Silicone for a more natural feel and will be having them placed under the muscle. I have a bit of asymmetry from breastfeeding one one side more than the other. I'm hoping to increase size a bit. but more so to receive a better more round full shape, I despise the pointy appearance that I have from the side. I meet with my doctor again on the 18th to finalize cc's. I am hoping to end up with something similar to what my VS bombshell ultra padded push up gives me ( bombshell ladies out there you know what I mean! :-)


There was a delay in getting all of my blood work done which was stressing me out as I had already paid my deposit. So glad that all of my results came back clear! I was then able to go and fill all of my prescriptions. Getting excited! It's crazy, I keep second guessing myself, my bb's are playing tricks on me and are very swollen and full right now. It has been happening a lot about a week or two prior to my period for the last year or so. But right now it is just so extreme. I still know the BA will be worth it though. I just keep having worried thoughts of ending up with poor results and wishing I had just been happy with what I had naturally...

My Stats

I know I researched a lot of photos while trying to determine the best size to go with. It helped trying to find ladies with similar stats to myself. So here are mine:
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135lbs
Breast Width Diameter: Unknown ( will update after seeing PS on Monday)
Around bust: 33"
Ribcage: 28.5" (Bra band size 32)
Waist: 25"
Hip bone: 34"
Lower hips/booty: 38.5'


So I ordered a few things off Amazon that i thought would be helpful. I found these Lansinoh Breast Therapy icy gel packs which are made by the same makers of the TheraPearl packs. Theyre teeny gel beads which mold really well to whichever area you put them on. I thought these ones were great because they already have cutout areas for your nipples and can be placed right into a bra. I also picked up a large rectangular TheraPearl pack that I thought would feel good laying on top across my breasts ( in hot pink, it was also to cute to pass up). My surgeon and nurse recommended doing lots of icing but I know some others do not- so be sure to check with your ps first if you plan to ice. I also ordered some scar sheets ( Scar Away) after seeing almost everyone on here use them. One thing I swore by during pregnancy was Palmers Tummy Butter to avoid stretch marks. For me it worked I did not get a single stretch mark on my tummy. However I know a lot of this can have to do with other things such as genetics (though my mom has plenty of stretch marks). Regardless it doesn't hurt to try. I did get stretch marks on my breasts about 6 months ago when they randomly ballooned up one month (no reasonable explanation) so now I am very cautious about getting even more. The last thing I picked up was this super comfy little sports bra ( more of a bralette), it's really stretchy and should be good for one I can get out of my surgical bra. Do any of you have experience with the Lansinoh Breast therapy packs?? I thinkI wish I had known about those when B'feeding...

How big?! More wish pics..

I keep going back and forth on the look I want. I'm starting to realize some of my wish pics contradict one another. Ultimately, I suppose I will end up with whatever my PS says will fit nicely. I did not realize how much I would stress over size. How did you ladies decide? Am I just being way too obsessive over it?

Day of surgery

Today my surgery was scheduled for 2:00pm. Last night I started second guessing myself after I had decided on 350cc silicone moderate plus implant so I went in a bit earlier to try on the sizers one last time. I really liked the way the 325's looked on me, and my doctor said to stick with the 350's then since I'm having them placed under the muscle. He said that after all swelling is complete and they have finally settled into their final position that the 350's will end up giving me the 325 look.

I was so nervous the past few days, asking myself why I am doing this, thinking I didn't really need a BA, my breasts had been playing tricks on me and swelling up. All the doubt and concerns I was having must have just been because I was so nervous. Luckily when the doctor was writing prescriptions, i had asked for 1 xanax to have the morning of surgery which he agreed to ( thank goodness, because it really helped with my nervousness). I took it right when getting to the surgery centre and that made me relax and I was better able to understand and listen to all instructions.

So for any of you ladies who may be having doubts or last minute worries, just know that it is totally normal. I think it definitely helps to prepare a list of questions that you may feel have not yet been answered/ resolved because I think that was what was causing me so much anxiety.

I can;t wait to take a peek at my new girls. Will post a pic as soon as I do!
For now my pain level is at maybe a 2. It just hurts when I breathe very deeply in because of the swelling. But I hear day 2 and 3 are often the worst. Will keep the updates coming!


My last post was a bit of a ramble- I was heavily medicated at the time, oops! I have been wanting to post lots of photos, but I took them on my phone and still need to upload to my computer in order to edit out a tattoo. Promise to update soon. I went to an amusement park today with my kids- I do not recommend this to anyone soon following a BA. I thought it would be fine just going on the kiddie rides, but no- all that jerking movement has got my incisions hurting and my nips all sensitive :(

Day 2 postop

It has taken me forever to get around to posting an update! So here we go...

The day of surgery I felt great afterwards, my pain was at maybe a 2/10. Ha! I obviously was still numb. Day 2&3 we're where the real pain was at and to be honest these days are remembered only as a blur. I was mostly just in and out of wakefulness to take pain meds and change my ice. If I hasn't taken notes about how much pain I was in I could easily have forgotten or downplayed it by now. I think that's a coping mechanism right? Blocking out painful memories. Kind of like childbirth-ha!

I ended up going with 350cc silicone implants placed under the muscle via infra mammary incision. My right breast had a bit less volume and a lower nipple placement than the left. I gave my ps the go ahead to make the decision in surgery to add 25 cvs to the smaller breast if it looked better. Last minute I changed to 325cc and this would mean the right breast would get 350 if needed.

I actually ended up getting 350cc in the left and 300cc in the right( yes the smaller breast actually didn't need more, it needed less cc's. My rib cage ended up being more prominent under the right breast and was pushing out the implant more so a larger volume implant just did not look right). My ps says all 5 people in the room went back on forth and what suez to put and ultimately this us what looked best. Some days I think they look pretty equal and I just am in awe of how it can make sense. But for the most part the left is still more swollen, still sitting higher and just "feels" larger. Ian somewhat worried that it will not even out but understand that as it is a larger implant then maybe that side needs longer to heal. Time will tell!

4 days post op

Left breast is tight and high. Right has begun to loosen and settle making it appear much larger??! ( remember this is supposed to be my smaller breast that somehow ended up needing a smaller implant rather than a bigger one to match the left.

Day 5 post op

By day 5 after my surgery my breasts were no longer in my collarbone but were still very high and tight (hard). The lefty especially could be felt up in my armpit still. Naked they look reduce loud still but are beginning too look ok covered in a sports bra. I believe I was able to go out in public this day.

Day 6 post op

Stubborn lefty (bigger of the 2 at 350cc) sitting high and tight.

When I cover the tops, they look more even.


11 days post op

Taken from a top angle liking down they loon way more natural than they appear in real life.

My stubborn lefty is still tighter than the right. Can't wait for it too fluff, though it feels like it never will.

Day 15 post op

My lefty can officially no longer be felt up in my armpit- yaay! This proves it is slowly but surely dropping though I really can't tell. It is still so much tighter and feels bigger than my right :( My right one has become way softer though I know it has a long way to go (they still don't jiggle on stairs or move when I lay down) but the right is pliable in that I can squeeze it and move it around. Come on lefty!

Typos and autocorrect

I just looked at my updates on a real computer and wow posting from iPhone is not the way to go! lol way to many strange autocorrect words.
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