Can I gt a reeeeeedo?!?

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Hello Ladies, I have become addicted to reviews...

Hello Ladies,
I have become addicted to reviews on here and looking at Pre and Post Op photos. I'm 29y.o a mother of 1 and I am finally ready to get what I've always wanted. A nice as$!!!!! No matter how pretty I am or how much weight I lose, I've always known my clothes & I w/ look a 1,000 times with an as$ in the equation. So today, I am going for my 1st consultation at Bella Forma in Atlanta, GA (Drum roll please)


Ok, so I went for the free consultation which wasn't w/ the dr but, with his assistant per say! Ladies, I am stressed! I don't know whether or not I even want to use him. It is unfair being as though I have yet to meet him personally but, the fact I was advised none of the fat from my abs wld be used (which is where most of my fat is) due to the loose skin I'm really rethinking the entire thing. Like unmmmm..... The best part of all of this was the lipo to my kangaroo pouch and thats nt even an option unless I get the tummy tuck???? Wth!!!! I hate all of his tummy tuck after photos literally hate them! Every women has the joker smile! If it cld be as low as my c section scar then I'd be a little more warming to the entire thing but, it won't be. She did say I'd be able to wear a bikini afterwards but, BULLLSHT! Nt with that big ugly scar. I dunno! I've seen women on here that have just undergone the bbl n thats it. Allow me to worry abt the sagging skin. Don't just cut lipo of that area out completely for a whopping $10k! For $10k I need to be fine as wine! Please help!!! Any suggestions???

Wish Pics

Hello Ladies!!!! Just dropping a few wish pics. Still in the air about the whole ordeal. Going to try and make an appointment with the actual dr soon to get his take on it as my feedback from Dr's on here are pretty much the same however, I did find a girl on here who's stomach is pretty similar to mines and she got the bbl only and her skin retracted pretty well. We'll see!!! I'm still going for the bbl only!

More wish pics

Wondering if my backside looks similar as the before

More wish pics

I am still undecided on the Dr. i have looked into pretty much everyone in GA and I'm not too impressed with any of them frfr I almost want to go out of the darn country for it. I love the Yily, Hasan & Duran Dolls all of which are outside of GA. Dr.J is cool just overrated n overpriced plus I hear it's extremely hard to even get an appointment and for the most part all of his patients have that cup on the booty syndrome you know looks like you could sit a cup on their booty! Iono if they're all going in there asking for that or what but, I would just like a pretty round brown. Posting more wish pics now and if you happen to know anyone in GA that was just super bomb please let me know.

Out of town Dr's

Hello, I have come to the conclusion that the best dr's are in Miami, NY & Cali for this procedure but, I cant afford to fly too many times to see them i.e blood work, consultation etc.... Can someone please let me know how tht works?

Davoudi the Booty

I was just referred to a new Dr in GA and I must say he just might be the one. I'm overly excited. Dr. R Morgan Davoudi will be my final consultation as I am ready to be over and done with this. My consultation is scheduled for September1st and I was advised he has available surgery dates in September!!!!! I am overly ret to gooooo. Wish me luck

The infamous before pics

I have decided to load my before pics just to be sort of transparent as many of you ladies are. I prayyyyyyy!!!! This tummy tuck and new booty ia bomb.

Davoudi the Booty

Not sure if I gave an update from my last consultation but, I had an awesome experience at this one. I actually got to meet the Dr. and if you referenced RS the consultation was free. Yayyyy!!! He basically bypassed the whole boott concern and stated my stomach is a major issue and that needs to be resolved and that my butt will automatically look better. However, he offered to do both for less than $13k which I believe is where I'm going to end up because I absolutely love the after appearance of his tt's. My only issue was the massages which from what I've been reading won't be able to take place until the drains are removed which is 12 days after surgery or once I stop producing fluids which gives me lots of time to figure that out. My date is still unknown which I will keep you all posted on. I did see a recent combo he performed on here which didn't look half bad. I am going to be completely honest and say at the very least I wanted 1k cc's to each cheek and read he stops at 600. I pray to sweet heavens that makes one heck of a difference w/ a flat belly. If you ladies have any suggestions or info on this Dr. Please advise.

He cares Lipo

Ok so there was this other Dr in Union City who is a master of the booties as well but, he's booked til January. O well! His consultations are walk in and are only $25 plus his prices are those similar to Miami.

Rajae Janho's Office emailed me

Today I received an email from the patient coordinator and I was completely honest with her and advised the fact she suggested the fat be left in my belly was a deal breaker. I also advised that I was looking at another Dr. But, wasnt too sure about the booty. N e whoo......I replied once the office was closed and look forward to hearing from her tomorrow in response to my email. But, seriously after $9600 I shld be able to have my lips lipoed if I wanted.

More before pics

Today I get a date!!!!!!!

So ladies after months of looking and reading on here I can finally say "Today I get a date"!!!! I am still going with Dr.Davoudi and due to the amount I was approved for I will only be getting a tummy tuck w/ fat transfer to buttocks. No lipo of my back at all so whats all in the front will be making its way to my bottom. I prayyyyyyyyy its enough and makes a difference. My grand total is $9188. I must say going from getting a bbl w/ only my back lipo'd for $9600 to a tummy tuck w/ only my front lipo'd for $9200 is a big difference but, the goal was for a flat stomach w/ a no so flat rear n apparently thats what I am getting. I am still indecisive about how I'll feel being as though I want more children. I only have 1 n this feels like I'm getting my tubes tied or wasting my money but, all in all I'll be 30 next year and I want to be fine as wine. As far as my back fat LORD thats a whole nother subject I hate my stomach the absolute most and they are def running neck and neck. I'll update u all moving forward, wish me luck and pray I'll be happy and satisfied. This in itself has me sad that I cldnt gt the whole shabang but, at the end of the day I hope to lose weight from the tt alone and hopefully my back fat will disappear or maybe jus maybe Dr.D may suck so much from the sides it'll pull some from the back. Lol!

My Countdown Begins

I officially have a date n guess what? Its next week Wednesday. I was offered the date due to a cancellation and I took it not knowing how nervous I'd be afterwards. I was so freaking nervous that I thought I was going to faint. All I could think was its really happening. On the flipside I was to start my 7 day liquid diet yday and I've eaten all types of crap today but, once I booked I gave all snacks away at work n filled up my water bottle. I'll be going shopping once I get off and if you ladies have any tips please advise. O, n I smoke OMG!!!!! I have to take Niacin and Vitamin C to clean my system so as of today I am smoke free. Puhlease pray for me and everyone around me.

Day 1 of the liquid DIEt

I failed, the end.

Blood work the Day Before Surgery?!?!?

So, I have completely failed the whole liquid diet thing and have moved on to the dieters tea. Trying to pass all that I've eaten. I somehow feel like something is going to go wrong and my date may be pushed back. I probably shouldn't feel like this but, I can't help but think it knowing that my blood work will be done the day before surgery which really has me bothered because my leave at work starts that same day and sad to say I'm looking forward to the time off. Has anyone else had blood work done the day before? Please advise

2 days and counting

Well ladies, it's getting real! I am 2 days away and I have been having the disaster dreams. You know the ones where the entire surgery or your body turns out to be a complete disaster. Lol! I am mentally ready to get the 1st post op week over with. Again, if any of you have tips or supplies you'll think I need please advise as I already have Gauze up the wazooo, gloves, tape, dial soap, maxi pads, underwear (granny panties) , soups, ginger ale, saltine crackers, 2 body pillows, yoga mat, boppy pillow, betadine, peroxide, neosporin, scar treatment, bed pads and thats all so far. O wait, I have arnica tea, popsicles and pineapples for swelling.

Pre Op in session

I'm here, I've completely signed my body away. Prayers UP!!! For a smooth recovery. Speaking of smooth I drank dieters tea lastnight. Words of advice don't do it before the pre op.

I have my wish pics!!!!

I literally had them printed out, felt he needed more of an actual photo rather than squinting to look in my phone. Lol!!!


Is it an absolute need? Because it is $220!!!!! OMG!!!!

All ready to go

Minus the lawn chair and some biker shorts from Dick's Sporting goods, I am ready!!!! Prayers going UPPP!!!!

Price Change and procedures......

I almost forgot to add that I initially was just getting a tt and fat transfer with lipo of anterior flanks only and now I am getting lipo of the posterior flanks as well. Whew whooooo now my waist will extra tiny and I'll have to work on my back tits. Excuse the language!!!! Thats what I call them to make even more uncomfortable and aware that they have to goooooooo........... N e whoo the price rose tremendously but, due to a misunderstanding which Dr. Davoudi definitely corrected. I ended up coming out of an extra $1100 which was crumbs compared to what he straightened. I honestly must say that between him and Latoya they definitely sold me and I wpuld recommend anyone to them.

5 days post

Ok ladies, I know yall have been waiting on me and this isn't to scare anyone but, this shit was horrible!!!!!!! Today was my 1st day out and that's because I told my husband I had to get air. I've posted pics for you and I thank you all for your concern. Whewwwww!!!!! Im so fine though yall!!! Mission accomplished.

Day of Surgery

Apparently Dr.Davoudi got done with others quicker than he thought and had been trying to contact me from 9 am and my schedule was be there at 12:45 surgery at 2:15 instead I gt there at 12:30pm, got marked up, iv's put in, my husband got instructions and videos and I was awake begging to stay in the hospital and then I was home upstairs and in my bed. Honestly, frozen dole pineapples, ginger ale with ice and the a/c being on 60 degrees o n xanax got me through. I've cried, I mean sobbed, I felt like an alien to my son because he's so young and can't comprehend why all of this blood is around his mom and she unmobile but, like most of you said everyday is better. Thank you all and my husband has been a mighty morphin power ranger! Lol

The shorts

How long do I have to wear these darn cut out post surgery shorts? I know nothing is technically supposed to touch my butt for 2 weeks but sheesh! I'm longing for comfort. I've washed them of course and now I'm over it. Not to mention I've paused my cycle for a week because my husband is helping me and that part I didn't want him to have to deal with. So next week I'll be off my birth control and its going to be a disaster!

BM success

So, I know this may be TMI but, who are we kidding? The entire site is TMI!!!! But, great news....... The doc told me 10-12 days and I've read reviews for that same timeframe for a BM and I am now 6 days in and have gone not once but twice today. Thank God!!!! and Miralax, I couldn't take it. I haven't eaten much! Yday I ate a piece of a Subway sub literally a piece and when I say that was like steak and potatoes it was delishhhh!!!!! But, besides that its been water, pineapples, applesauce, smoothies, gingerale and arnica tea for me and I must say I am tired of it!! O yea and salt less crackers! I dropped an updated belly picture.

Drains from hell

So........... I absolutely hate the drains but, I definitely don't want a seroma so I am willing to kp em as long as needed. Yday made a week from surgery and my husband called to give my numbers for drainage so if low enough they cld b removed. Let's just say they're still in and he was advised to call back Friday.
Another thing is the butt, I know our bodies are going to change month to month but, I pray my overall result with my butt is perfect. Right now......not so much! It looks gd w/ clothes on but, I spent money to look gd with them off!!!! Dr.D advised my husband that he put 1lb of fat in each cheek and I am seeing it mostly at the top.

More about surgery

Ok so after going back and reading I realized I left out the fact that Dr. Davoudi is thee absolute best!!!!!!!! My original procedure was to be a tt with fat transfer to buttocks but, he is such a perfectionist that I actually had tt with lipo of posterior and anterior flanks n of course the epi gastric (included) but the posterior flanks was additional and he even hit my back tits free if charge on the day of surgery. He told my husband he transferred 1lb of fat to my buttocks but, I don't think he counted the cc's correctly because when I gt home my behind was huge! I know mostly due to swelling but everyday my bottom changes and I must say he did a great job. I'm 8 days post op and my husband can't stop touching me and telling me how fine I am. Lol! He is overly protective of the butt n checks to ensure that I am not sitting on it. Lol! I will post more pics once I can actually wear clothes as I dnt want to continue showing my nakedness and I still haven't received my garment. I was told one of my drains will be removed tomorrow so maybe they'll have it waiting on me. I honestly can't wait to stand straight up sheesh! I feel I won't see the full effect of my new body hunched over.

The post follow up from HELL

So today I had a drain and all stitches removed, minus the fainting, the tight ass compression garment, the pain and the other drain it all went well. I currently am in my stage 1 garment which I thght was gna be great and a statement that I am finally on my road to recovery. WRONG!!!! This board in my back hurts like shhhhh and right when I was starting to become comfortable in the binder things went left. Im back at day 1 in pain, uncomfortable and annoyed! I've seen so many pics of women in theyre garment n they look comfortable and snug. Im more so stuffed n swollen. I had it cut between the legs because i just knew my bottom wld be raw by the end of the night from this thing riding me. It took so much to get in it that I def wont be removing it ti shower anytime soon and today is the day that I can actually shower. Not HappeninG!!!! I will try nt to rant and complain as many of us dont need that but, I do want to be as honest as possible and let women know what to expect. I asked about lymphatic massages and was advised I wouldnt get those due to me having a tt. That just saved me about $650 but, I was def looking forward to it because I definitely will need some type of adjustments when this is all over. I am to return to work on November 24th and I honestly don't see that happening. I will inquire with the dr in a few weeks concerning that. I just pray this garment gets easier or I gt smaller or something. At this point I cldnt possibly put it on myself. I just took some meds so that I cld sleep so, I will tty ladies later here are some pics

The butt

Although nt that appealing here u go before n after. Spongebob to Squarepants


So, its the day after my post op visit and I am currently in the garment and a binder along with gym capris and a sports bra. This is my outfit for now and I am A Ok minus the drain (which today isn't bothering me so bad) but, BABYYYY I am swollen. Everything is swollen from my stomach, back and butt. I need tips, I have pineapples which I know in the beginning I advised was thee best thing going but, try not to eat so many because the acid will eat at ur tongue and I think I've pineappled myself out! Also, I lost the taste for them :( I also have the arnica tea, I haven't made any yet but, think I will soon because I am definitely desperate. The tea I found at Walmart and I'll post a pic they also have the gel for the scars and pain but, my tt section is quite numb and I do want to talk about the belly button. Ok so, that packing and unpacking it feels completely gross! Like super gross and weird and its numb but, u still feel it if that makes any sense at all. That was a heads up for you ladies who haven't yet. I supposedly am supposed to do that 3 times a day. Not happening!!!! I know its important to follow the Dr's orders but, again Im not even trying to remove this garment anytime soon to be able to pack it. I guess my waist will be non existent by the time I remove it. Lol!!! The nurse repacked it yday and put so much freakn Neosporin on everything that I can't see me needing to redo anything for atleast a week. I'll drop pics of my body armour n tea for u O n the arnica things are in the latino section in the pharmacy at Walmart.

Frozen Pineapples

Thght I'd post my miracle workers from Day's 1-4 and I actually was less swollen during that time.

Things I may have forgotten

Binder: white waist trainer like thing thats put on right after tt.. They will mark a line on it where it needs to be by the 2nd day. Dr.D allowed me to cheat n have it looser but, didnt fail to advise the sooner n longer I allow it to stay at the line the sooner the drains will come out. Currently I am past the line. Breathing barely but, my last drain fills up quickly n I want to squeeze as much fluid out as possible n b flat as a board. Toni (his assistant) advised to loosen it for eating so that I wont gt acid reflux. I dont eat enough to gt acid anything so, I havent loosened it. I do eat, dont get me wrong but your stomach is supposedly the size of your palm and I have a really small palm. I know that once this drain is removed I'll be needed another garment to wear under my clothes as this binder is kind of bulky and I dnt want anyone to be able to tell I have something underneath n I just love the compression so hopefully, I'll find one that gives the same compression of the post garment and binder combined in one and shorter of course because this one goes to my knees. Now, I did pay $200 for this post one so, we'll see.....
Next is the compression socks: I've uploaded a pic of my post op gear completely because I may have missed the socks. We have to wear these for 2 weeks or until the last drain is removed. Apparently this helps push fluid out as well and as far as fluid goes....... I've replaced my morning coffee with Arnica tea. Last post I was saying how swollen I was and after 2 bags boiled for one cup and a tablespoon of raw honey I had immediate relief. I dont know if it's all in my head but, it immediately took away the pressure in my back and for that I have made it apart of my regimen. I haven't bn tryn to eat anything w/ salt but, when I do....... Boy o boy!!!!! Well, thats all I have for today and happy healing. I took pics from the side so, you could get a view of my waist to butt ratio please keep in mind under the white binder is a garment and under the garment are 5 boards for cushion so, I'm really smaller than it appears. O, one last thing...... Itching, Lord I am itching which is a sign of healing so, I endure it

Today I decided to play dress up

But, I didn't make it far/ it took so much work to gt out of the pink romper I literally had to ask myself "when the hell did I buy this"! The gear wouldn't fit ( Gear being garment, binder and drain). My sister n law bought me the dress 2 bdays ago but, there was no way I was putting my old body into that dress. I did today though and I can NOT wait to actually wear it. I talked to Tony the Dr.s asst today and she advised I cld start standing str8 once final drain is out, I can wear jeans after two weeks (this wed makes 2 weeks) but for short periods of time only as minimal pressure to the buttocks for 3 months is recommended and that I can stop wearing binder in 6 weeks unless I find another garment and gt ab boards to compress me the same and that the ab board is for the little pouch you may acquire below the navel or around the incision. All of that was great news to me! Less swelling today n little to no pain as well. Today has bn a great day annnndddd I drove my son to school this morning!!!!

Post op w/ Davoudi today ..

I had my post op w/ my Dr today n it went well. I still have drain in as its pushing out more than 25ml which I dnt mind having it in tht means I'm less likely to gt a seroma. I took a shower for the 1st time yday n he took all of the surgical tape off today n advised I take another once I gt home. He also stated I needed to eat more protein so that my body could absorb more fluid n the drain can be removed. I love my new butt btw now that I'm able to see it outside the garment. Dropping pics today n I was really swollen.


4 weeks post op today

Its bn a while and its bn 4 weeks. Im getting better and better by the day just overly annoyed with my one remaining drain. I've bn out n abt alot lately drain and all and I have bn sitting on my butt/ boppy pillow. That thing is really a joke the boppy pillow. It may just be that I dont know how to use it but, I swear I sit on my butt. The dr advised I cld sit for 15min-1hr here and there at 2-3weeks and I know I have mostly when driving to pick up my son and to drop him off at school. As far as my butt goes the top is still hard and the bottom has dimples and is definitely softer than the top. I will post pics also, my scar is always swollen but, its healing nicely I guess, I wonder if anyone else feels fat like the 1st and 2nd day post op I felt thin as a twig and now I feel a wee bit chunky. I dont know if it is due to all the swelling or the crap I've been eating but, I admit I've been eating crap and protein per the dr's orders. Anywhoo here are some photos. I know u all love the photos.

Last drain over 30 days

My 1st drain was removed like 2 1/2 weeks in can't remember. You'd have to go backwards in my reviews however, this last one is over 30 days in and was still putting out 30ml which is recommended that it be under that in order to be removed. Wellllllllllllllllll..... The shhhhhhh has completely stopped suctioning this morning and has partially slipped out. OMG!!!!! It is uncomfortable and now fluid is leaking directly from the opening. I called Dr. Davoudi as soon as the suctioning stopped but, he advised I contact the office in the morning and tell Toni. Well that was before it had slipped out some. I'm so ready for this drain shhhh to be over and am hoping that it doesnt have to be replaced by another this is drain hell.

Drainage Appt

Today I called and spoke to Toni (Nurse/ Dr. Asst) about my drain as instructed by the Dr and she told me to come in at 3pm. I was there at 2:30pm LOL!!! I gt there n went to the bathroom n what do u know the entire drain fell out. I'm not kidding! Clean out. Mind u I was tempted all night to pull it out but, was scared because I believed it had a metal dagger at the end. Nope! No dagger the entire thing fell out. So, instead of getting my drain removed I gt a smaller garment instead for a $100. I went from a medium to a small garment for more compression. I have dropped a few pics. We loooovvveeeee pics!

New accessories

So today I decided I needed an ab board for my lower poof so, I called Dr.D office n they sent me to Santa Fe Mall to a place called Temptations which made me question why I had just bought a compression garment from the office for $100. This place was post op awesomeness. They had everythinggggggg! Ab boards, fajas (all different types n colors) waist trainers, cinchers, leggings, arnica gel, detox tea n system. Ok so long story short I initially went for the ab board n ended up leaving w/ that n a waist trainer on. Lady stated I needed all three for the best compression now she cldve bn lying for the sale but, I figured whats the worst that can happen, I'd have an even flatter abdomen???? It hurt like hell though n she stated I shld wear ab board during the day and that I'm not to wear it at night but, I will say she didn't have to worry because I definitely was NOT!!!!! Lol I wore it from maybe 1:15-8:30 thats about 7.25hrs n that was definitely long enough. I'll wear it during the day as long as Ican but, I must admit w/ the new waist trainer I dont even feel like I need it because it is long enough to cover that problem area but, when I took it off (ab board) at 7.25hrs I was flaaaaatttttttttt!!!!!! So we'll see. I dropped pics for you all.


I decided to drop more pics since I am about to bathe. I'm only 1 month n maybe 7 days in and I know everyone says it gets better by the day and as time goes on so, I am staying optimistic but, I def feel a little fat. My scar is healing great and I am thinking of no longer stuffing my belly button as I see the interior is pretty much healed its just the parts around the outside/inside if that makes any sense. We shall see but, I am still here for questions should you have any and I am winging myself off the tylenol as I only take them for swelling. I ran out of pain meds prescribed by the dr. I was thinking about calling and asking for another script as they help me get through the night and when I awake my pain is non existent and I am not swollen. I've tried winging myself off the body pillows too as my husband said I set up some type of fort in the bed lol! and he can't get in. Men...... But, I feel most comfortable on those. Thats all for now!!

Booty greed

So, RS will totally destroy your thghts of a booty. Not so much of destroy but, make you want the ones you see which is totally possible if you go to those exact dr's. I've learned that you should not take another man's work to a dr and expect those results as I did and my dr barely looked at them and told me he had his own idea of what he would do and I told him I trusted him and went along with it. Let me say, he did great considering what he was working with and now my butt is huge. I'm scared to go back in for a round two unless the dr would first be lipo'n the bum I already have as any more added fat eould make me look ridiculous like Tiny T.I's wife with the stick legs and big ole butt. So, I will say that he did an awesome job w/ adding the fat I just wish he would've given me that upside down heart and instead I gt a right side up one. However w/ no garment or clothes on it looks like a bubble from the side. I know this was a hit and miss and I can honestly say that my body looks wayyyyy better than it ever did before and that I've gotten all the stares and praises of a new shape and it's what I never had before but, he hit and missed. I also know alot of people on here say that you shld give ur body time as it changes regularly and I will say that I am only 1 month and 9 days in so, I can't throw in the towel completely. I am once again eating crap like sweets & things due to the favt that the holidays are near and can NOT wait til its over & done with! I can't wait to exercise & was told I cldnt start that until January to be sure all the fat takes in my butt & that I won't lose any as apparently that wld b the 1st to go. I know its said that in ur 3rd month u gt the drop & jiggle (fluff) but, mine is jiggling already no drop or fluff tho n it kind of hurts if I try to run or grab it in certain spots.

Pics to help u ladies

I've decided to drop pics of a Davoudi bum to give u ladies some idea of his work and to clear up any questions or concerns. Please excuse all scars and marks as I am currently working on them. Thanks in advance

I'm 7 weeks post op today

So, I am currently 7 weeks post op and pretty much feel back to myself. I am sitting more which is ok for like a hour here n there although after reading alot of surgeon reviews it was ok to do period after 3 weeks but, my dr stated no long periods until I'm 3 months post which won't be until Jan 14th. What a time right?!?!? Im bout tired of the post garment and was advised Ionly had to wear it for 6-8weeks which was gd to me because I'm 7 weeks in and over it! Plus my garment is getting smaller. I also realized I was given a medium post op garment that I never used and will be selling it. Please advise if ure interested. Its a Mirena black, but out to the knew full suit. I currently wear the suit, ab board n binder at night n then during the day I wear the waist trainer n garment. I'm over the garment. I go back to work soon and will be returning w/o garment just w/ waist trainer. I gt these sharp annoying pains in my lower back like butning sometimes from lipo but, besides that I'm pretty much gd. I dnt have much to give u today so, I'll come back 8 weeks post op w/ more pics

More Pics


Please excuse my dirty mirrors.

Forgot these

The truth, the whole truth so help me God

Okayyyyyyy, so I am 8 weeks post op and I am so so w/ my results. My husband continues to tell me how I am the finest that I've ever bn and how my butt still looks like my butt but, bigger.
Like....... I paid $10k for a totally different ass, scar free without blemish nor wrinkle, besides my tt that was the 2nd most important to me at one point lipo of my stomach and a fat xfr were all I ever wanted. So, to hear I have the same ass but, bigger didn't sound to gd to me. I have tried nt to post any negative reviews to discourage anyone nor to stop any business for Dr.D as he was very nice, professional and I believe he did his best. I also knew I had a choice.....either go to a Dr who specializes in nice bbl's and play Russian roulette w/ my tt or go to a Dr who was awesome with tt and play Russian roulette with my bum and I chose the latter because I want to wear belly shirts, tank tops and sports bras in the summer however at this point I also wanted to wear a thing bikini which I don't see happening without a round 2 and some type of scar treatment. I have posted pics to show u what it is that has me so upset today and although I know that our bodies will change continuously I cant help but feel this way 2 months in. I also wld like to state my measurements are 28,29,42 and my bum has only decreased by 2 inches.
My tt: looks great with undies on, seems like I may have some flaps on the side as I cannot gt the sides as flat as my middle (scar) also my belly button has bn slow to heal but, coming along.
My bum: has fell and fluffed to some sort I guess but the volume is definitely at the top and nt throughout to continue towards the bottom.
My backfat: Don't even get me started!

Round 2 stay tuned.....

Ok soooooooo...... I've decided to go for a round two on the bbl only because I definitely don't have the shape desired and I swear by the day it's getting smaller. I don't know what to do but, I will say I am somewhat grateful being as though I'll be going back to work soon n didnt want all the stares and questions but, my butt has definitely deflated and is extraaaaa wack now with scars. I'm not too mad w/ the Dr as I already knew he wasn't a bootiologist or anything and that I was mainly going for his awesome tt's. I also already knew I'd be going back to have my upper back lipo'd so at this point it is what it is. No more complaints from me besides the fact I did spend the extra well, maybe nt because the total my surgery was supposed to be came up to a whopping $17k and I only paid the $11k due to a mistake on their behalf but, in all honesty I'm happy w/ what I have. Am I completely satisfied w/ my body? Nope but, I'm going to gt that bubble butt and flat back no matter what and my current situation is a good way to start off the new year. I will post pics later as I am nt exactly in a place to take pics. Lol!

9 weeks and 1 day post op

Hello ladies, I've decided to post a few pics and talk about where I am in my healing process. I know my previous post I was ranting about how unhappy I am but, I would like to also talk about how happy I am. I also made a pot of cabbage soup to do the cabbage diet which I havent done due to the fact that I actually need all of the fact I can get due to my xfr so, I eat it on and off but, it taste great. This diet is supposed to allow you to lose up to 10lbs in the 7 day timespan that you eat it. It definitely gets your bowels moving. I also purchased some Maca Root its an herb thats supposed to grow your hips and butt along with increase your alertness, sex drive and other reproductive benefactors. Does it work? I don't know yet but, I read about it on here. I currently only have a burning sensation down my back when getting in and out of the bed or car due to the lipo but, besides that my scars are healing great. I have no other complaints and I have been sitting on my butt still avoiding long periods of time and using the not so helpful boppy pillow. I'm also on the 2nd notch on my waist trainer whew whooooooo waist getting smaller. My wishful measurement is 27" I am currently a 29. O also none of my pants fit. They fit on the hips and butt nt the waist which is great, I just need to know what type of jeans to buy now.

10 days sht of 3 months

Hello ladies...... Its been a while. I decided to drop a few lines and look back at some of your profiles to see how everyone is coming along. I went back to work and this is my 2nd week back. Of course, everyone is staring n wondering n so far only 2 people have been bold enough to ask did I have surgery and I told both of them the truth. I guess the fact they were bold enough to ask made me bold enough to tell. People will wonder why u even care what others think n honestly.... I dont! Im just private, I believe in having ur own n minding ur own business. Not much has changed since my last post I dont think besides I feel fat sometimes and dont know if its the swelling or the fact I'm so worried about feeding my fat (transfer) and eating all the sweets and fatty things I can. I'm actually about to slow down and pick up a workout routine this month since I'm at my 3 month mark and whatever fat I have now is going to stay. I'll update with pics and measurements soon. The million dollar question right now would I happy/ was it worth it? Thats actually 2 questions but, I'll answer them both lol! Yessssss its worth it! Absolutely. The 1st 4 days post surgery were hell but, I'll tell anyone its worth it. The winter is usually my fav time of the year but, I honestly can NOT await the summer. I can't wait to wear crop tops and shorts, summer dresses and bikini's now as far as the bikini thing goes...... My scars worry me but, I honestly havent worked on them as I shld. Maybe every other day and sometimes I skip 3 days. Am I happy???? I will be. I plan to get my upper back lipoed and that fat xfrd as well to give me that desired cup at the bottom but, for the most part, I can't complain. I hope everyone is healing fine and that you are all happy with your results. Talk to you soon :)

3 month follow up visit

So, I went to my follow up visit n are y'all ready for this???? The doctor doesn't like my butt either!!!!!!! The exact same issues that I have with it he did too. Thank God because he will be fixing it. Of course he stated that he wants to see me in another 3 months to ensure its not just swollen n that's when I'll have my final results but, I want my upper back lipoed anyway n he's like well if this is ur butt then I owe u lipo anyway n we can knock it all out at the same time. Now here's my dilemma....... In 3 months if we determine that it is in fact jacked up then shld I allow him to do the lipo and correct it or should I just go to who I know will give me the results that I desire? I honestly want either Dr.Fisher, Salama or Miami. I know Dr. Miami will be booked til kingdom come because of all the hype but, if I'm gna go through this again I definitely need the results I desire. I can't afford to play Russian roulette with my butt again. I want an upside down heart, its not even that hard to invision. Of course I am not a plastic surgeon but, sheesh I 'd definitely stuff the bottom with fat n nt the top if someone said upside down. What do you think ladies? Shld I pay for just my upper back to be lipoed while he lipos and corrects my butt for free and pray I like it or shld I pay another dr for the complete shabang n know that I'll have the butt I most desire? This is hard when you have to consider the money being paid. Hmmmmmm

Don't GOOOoOoOoOoOo

Hello all,
I am now 3 months and some post op and I will say I am completely dissatisfied I will post pics so that you can see my lipo/ fat transfer failure. I will definitely be doing a totally new review of my round 2 of everything! I spent $10k for a tummy tuck because everything else was half ass.

Over a year later & pregnant ????

I'm over a year post op as October of 2016 made it a year and honestly I didn't do so well. I still got compliments but, the fact that I wasn't totally happy w/ the results made it easier not to care about them. I'm now almost 2 months pregnant and already looking forward to round 2. I will be having it done in the DR no longer playing with the doctors here and what they FEEL is right for me. I'm going to the place where Barbiea are made.
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