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As a woman, I know what it feels like to not feel...

As a woman, I know what it feels like to not feel confident enough in your clothes, and even disproportionate. I am tall and skinny, and I have no curves at all. I seriously started considering the procedure a little over a year ago as I researched a little here and there. Coming across Dr. Jimerson's amazing work has definitely made me even more eager to get the procedure done!

First thing first:
I have not set up a consultation yet. First, I must put on the weight! This is going to be difficult to me because I cannot stuff myself with everything in sight. The only fat I can provide now is a LITTLE from my love handles...thats it! Not nearly enough! I have heard that Ensure is great. I am working on constructing a daily diet of about 3000 calories and a few Ensures a day. I have considered implants and after thorough research etc., I am sold for the Brazilian Butt Lift!
Any other suggestions for what may work for skinny girls?

What I want:
Because I have no curves, I want a little application to the hips as well as each buttock. While i know that each body will look different even if they have the same cc's, I am shooting for at least 750 to 1000 cc's in each cheek. Yes, I really want an A$$! lol I know that this means that I must put on a lot of weight!

I know that throughout this journey I must be realistic with myself, and I am. Before I can even set up a consultation, I MUST put on the weight. Im working on it. After the hard part is over, I will set up my consultation and then a surgery date.

So, I will keep you updated on my journey, and also add a few pictures. If anyone else has had to gain a significant amount of weight and have some suggestions please please share!!

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