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Hello ladies!! I have been checking this site for...

Hello ladies!! I have been checking this site for quite some time now, actually every single day...lol. After seeing the before and after pics. of Dr. Jimerson l was sold. Although he is a bit expensive l felt l needed to give myself the best cause his results are amazing.

I am 5'6 and weighed 176lbs the day of my phone consultation. I had my phone consultation with the Dr. 1 month ago. He told me to lose 10-15lbs inorder to achieve my goal. Now l weigh 171lbs. I got scheduled for 8th of November 2012. l am so excited and on the otherhand very nervous.

l've learned a great deal from here and in return l decided to share my own booty journey with y'all. I love the support you give each other and hope l will get some support from as well.

L forgot to mention that l live in Europe and have...

l forgot to mention that l live in Europe and have to fly for 9hrs to Atlanta. l can't stop thinking about the flight back home after my surgery. My dr. told me l can fly back home 2 weeks after the surgery but l plan to stay in Georgia for 4 weeks so l can heal better and prevent fat loss during the flight. It may be better to book my seat at the rear end of the plane because l must get up every 2hrs and walk to prevent blood clots.

Ok, l still got a couple of pounds to lose before my big day so l've decided to go on a low carb diet as from tomorrow. That will consist of 3 shakes (200 calories per shake) and 3ltrs of water per day. lt is not easy but l've done it before and it works. l have five more weeks to go so l will do this for three weeks and go back to regular meal the 4th and 5th week (800 - 1000 calories per day).

That's it for today ladies, l wish y'all a nice day. Cheers.

For three days now l have been having nothing but...

For three days now l have been having nothing but low carb shakes and water, sometimes black coffee to suppress my appetite. It isn't easy at all. l hope l can stay strong all the way. Here in Europe the highest cc you can get for each cheek is 200, that's why l doing my best (as the dr. ordered) to get it right at one go, fingers crossed.

After one week into this diet l will update with pictures.

Chao ladies!!

Hello Ladies, the countdown continues!! Just...

Hello Ladies, the countdown continues!! Just posted pics as promised. lt's been one week since l started my diet and it's been hard. l keep thinking of food and it drives me crazy. The first four days l almost gave up but the thought of the future me gave me the courage to hang in there. l am now down to 166lbs.

I wish you all a nice day, chao.

Hi Ladies, my hunger level last weel was a 9 and...

Hi Ladies, my hunger level last weel was a 9 and now its a 2. That's why l didn't make it up to one week the first time l tried this diet. The suffering is now over but the temptation to grab a quick bite is still there on/off so l have a lot of mental work to do. Still thinking of food most of the time but now in a different way. l've got to learn to count calories and do some/alot of exercise. Next week l am going to buy a nutrition book with alphabetical list of calories in food. Hope this will help.

Any advice on how to get rid of stretchmarks?

Have a great weekend ladies.

161lbs yessssssssssssssss!!! l did it!!!! l am so...

161lbs yessssssssssssssss!!! l did it!!!! l am so happy that l finally shed all the lbs the doctor asked me to. l am one week ahead of my weight loss schedule, wow!!. Ok l am not going to take all the credit. l want to thank all those who supported me during these difficult 14days. Joining this forum has proven to be very fruitful to me, one of the best decisions l ever made. Without your support l would have failed. l can't count all the past attempts and failures. l had a very bad eating habit with a huge appetite. For the past 2 weeks l have also been busy looking into ways to change my lifestyle, taking full responsibility for all the lbs l packed on during these years. l use to blame it on circumstances.......l'd eat because of this or that, happy or sad.

For years l have been struggling with my weight. After l decided to start this diet and posted my plan l became scared, scared l would fail infront of your eyes. Then the possitive comments came rolling in and gave me the strength to carry on. Thank you so much ladies.

l've been consuming 600calories and 3ltrs of water a day as you know. Next week l will increase it to 800 per day and then 1000cl. until my surgery date and step it up to 1200cl. post-op and hopefully everyday of my new life with my big booty......lol. lt feels like being born a second time or being given a second change.

Oh l can't wait to have that A$$. These pancakes have got to go. l am doing my best and l leave the rest to God and the good Dr, Jimerson.

Sorry for the poor quality of today's pics.

Peace and Love ladies.

The journey continues.............

L forgot, tomorrow's 800cal. meal is going to be...

l forgot, tomorrow's 800cal. meal is going to be as follows:-

- 3 Shakes (200cal. per shake)
- 3 ltrs of water
- 1 bowl of salad (200cal.)
100gr lettuce
2 tomatoes
70gr cucumber
1 tbs olive oil

No carbs yet, also no sugar or salt. l wil incorporate carbs bit by bit as time goes on and post my daily menu if l can.

L started packing my stuff today, getting ready...

l started packing my stuff today, getting ready for my 2nd birthday. l didn't bother making a list, just copied bootiebeauty78's list and l'm almost done buying the items. l also got a rolling pin for massages suggested by Shaell2000, thanks ladies. Next week l will checkout the stool suggested and redesigned by foreverbeauty and see if l can bring it with me, thanks for such a brilliant idea girl. l will try to have it seal on top of my suitcase or something......we shall see.

l enjoyed my bowl of salad yesterday and today l had my shakes, 200gr chicken breast and 200gr broccoli. l prepare my food in a non-stick frying pan with a table spoon of olive oil.

Have a nice weekend ladies.

Sorry l have been MIA. Too many things are...

Sorry l have been MIA. Too many things are happening in my life at this point. l thought l had everything covered but no, l've got a lot of things to put together before l fly out to GA.

l don't know what is wrong with my physician. My bloodwork came out good but he refuses to sign my Medical Clearance. So l have been calling his office like crazy and today his secretary told me the dr. cannot sign it because l am going to have surgery in America and he doesn't want to put his signature on something he isn't sure of. Like what? l asked. She said like if something goes wrong. l almost cried. He could have told me from the beginning when he sent me to the lab. He waited until the last minute. l made an appointment to see him tomorrow and l will tell him exactly what /how l feel about his unprofessional approach.

ln the meantime l am still following my diet plan and all it going well. Today l added 1 medium size potato to my menu and took 2 shakes instead of 3.

Ladies l don't have a date anymore....unbelievable...

Ladies l don't have a date anymore....unbelievable but true. l was suppose to be in Atlanta yesterday. l went to check-in and l was told my ESTA has be denied, that l have to show supporting documents. ESTA is an online visa application for those with European passports. l was told that l might have clicked a wrong answer or applied through the wrong site because Europeans don't need supporting documents to travel to the US. l was shocked and l burst into tears. All the preparation, the anxiety, the stress, the excitement, the ups and downs....you name it. Just last week l caught a terrible cold and called the office, the nurse asked me if l wanted to reschedule? l said no l wasn't going to let this cold stand in my way and l fought it so hard. And now this.

Once your ESTA has been denied online the only way is to go to the U.S. consulate. l called the consulate immediately. They charge $15 before they answer any question so l gave my card number. l was using my mobile phone and somehow l had a connection error in the middle of the appointment. He had already given me the date and the time. l called back and he said madam l am sorry l have to charge you again before we proceed. But l have a date already all l need is the requirements l said. He said that's the rules madam, we charge for every phonecall. So l paid again.Terrible!!

l called dr. Jimerson's office and spoke with Monica, she was very nice to me and she understood my situation and told me to call her as soon as l get the visa. She didn't give me a new date because no one can tell how long the visa procedure will take. The visa department told me l can expect my visa within 03 - 60 days depending on the documents l submit and/or if an investtigation needs to take place.

Words cannot describe how l feel. The first thing l deed after l got home was EAT. Yes ladies l ate a huge meal. That frustrated!!!But today l will eat right l hope. My head is still soooo full right now, nonstop headache.

l must go and pay 128euros to the US consulate's account for my visa, they don't take cash or credit card so l have to make a bank transfer. My appointment is tomorrow.

Let me get going and please wish me luck.

My visa application was denied. l need to submit a...

My visa application was denied. l need to submit a letter from dr. Jimersom explaining the procedure, cost, any payments already made (proof) and duration of recovery. Secondly, bank statements. Upon receipt of the documents they will continue processing my application. I showed them a letter from the dr. stating my pre-op and my sx dates and times to no avail.

l called the doctor's office and they are working on the letter and l will receive it today. Pressure!!!

The consulate officer asked what is the purpose of my visit to USA, l said l am going for a cosmetic procedure. He said he needs to know what kind of procedure. l blushed (thank God l am black) lt was too embarrassing to tell a total stranger, a male for that matter l was going to get a big booty. l hessitated a bit and he frowned (l am sure he voted for Romney) LOL. Ok, so finally l told him l was going to get lipo and fat transfer to my butt, l forgot to mention my hips...hahahaha.He asked if l have had similar procedures before. OMG what a day!! The things l have to go through to get my BOOTY!!! He said why not do it here in Europe? Why America? That scared me. Even if the procedure can be done here and l chose to go get it done in America what is wrong with that?? l need to chose a doctor l feel comfortable with or not?? Were is my freedom of choice???

Luckily l didn't drive to the consulate but went with the train. l was lost in my thoughts on my way back home. All the what ifs came rushing through me. When l started considering going to Mexico as plan B l realized l was going out of my mind.


Hi ladies, l got my letter yesterday, took it to...

Hi ladies, l got my letter yesterday, took it to the US Consulate this morning and my visa is being processed. Waiting, hoping and praying. l thank my doctor and his team for their quick response to my SOS. Thank you my BBL sisters for your love and support.

I weighed myself this morning, gained 2 lbs. l...

I weighed myself this morning, gained 2 lbs. l don't understand my body at all. l put on weight almost immediately, l eat the wrong food and bammmm!!. As l mentioned the day l missed my flight l came home and ate a huge, not so healthy meal. Same thing the next day and l adjusted right after that. Now l take two slices of bread with a slice of low fat cheese and a glass of pure orange juice for breakfast. A bowl of salad for lunch and for diner 125gr. (meat, fish or chicken), 250gr. veges and a medium size potatoes or 75gr rice or pasta. l still drink sam quantity of water.

Hopefully l will lose the weight l've gained through healthy eating and exercise. Yesterday l stated going to the gym. l plan to do so atleast 5 times a week until my sx. l train only on the treadmill (moderate intensity) no strainous exercise because l don't want to tighten my butt muscles. l need to get as much fat as possible in there. As much as my butt can contain.

Here are today's pic @ 2lbs more.

Enjoy your weekend.

Today l received an email from the US Consulate to...

Today l received an email from the US Consulate to return to the Consulate for my final interview, on workdays, between 08.30-10.30am. l didn't know anything about a final interview so this took me by surprise but l am more than ready for it. Since no particular date or time was mentioned l am going there first thing tomorrow.

Hope everything goes well.

Woo hoo!! My visa has been approved. Thank God!!...

Woo hoo!! My visa has been approved. Thank God!!

The journey continues..............

This afternoon I received my passport with one...

This afternoon I received my passport with one year multiple entry visa on it. So l called Monica and set up a new date. November 30th is going to be my big day. l soooo excited!! Can't wait.

Today l removed my boppy pillow from my siutcase...

Today l removed my boppy pillow from my siutcase after reading my girl Desired1's update. Now l know l can get one at the Walgreens across dr. J's office for $15, thanks girl. Monica told me to get a boppy pillow and didn't mention a yoga mat but l bought one as well because l read lots of good reviews about it.

My suitcase has been sitting right where l left it since the day l missed my flight. Removing the boppy pillow allows me to take other useful items, boy that thing takes up a lot of space. l'm only allowed 50lbs plus 26lbs hand luggage and l don't plan on spending any money for excess luggage.

l compared sitting on the boppy pillow and the rolled up yoga mat and l find it more comfortable with the yoga mat. That might change after the surgery though.

After all l've been through on this journey l am now in a state of Seeing before Believing. Just one week to go and l am taking it one step at a time until l have my sx, trying so hard not to think about what else might go wrong and focus solely on my big day. Sometimes when l think of the future me l get a short sweet feeling that goes from my head to my toes with a little shiver (almost like an orgasim) l am not exaggerating. l guess its because l want it (big sexy butt) so bad.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Stay blessed.

Hi ladies, l finally made it to Atlanta!!! l...

Hi ladies, l finally made it to Atlanta!!!

l did my bloodwork yesterday and l am cleared, good to go ladies!!! l am a highblood patient so l was a little bit nervous because Monica told me l could do the tests here since l couldn't get it done in Europe but at my own risk if the results don't come out good then l would come all the way here for nothing she said. l told her l am willing to take the risk and l'm glad l did. That was the final hurdle on my path. All l can do now is pray. Leaving the rest to God and dr.J.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. God bless.

;l didn't have surgery today. My time was 7:30am,...

;l didn't have surgery today. My time was 7:30am, l was there at 06:35. l was greeted by the nurse who showed me where took sample of my urine and l changed and answered some health questions. She took my blood pressure and she said Oh!! Your pressure it high. She went and toldthe doctor. He asked if l take medication for my condition, if l took one this morning and if l brought it with me.

l didn't take any because l was told not to eat or drink after midnight, he told me to take the meds, asked the nurse toclose the door and turn off the lights so l can rest for the pressure to go down. l did and when they checked it again l went up to 175/112. Too high they said. Meanwhile l was in total disbelieve. Sorry l wont operateon you like this so l will send you to the doctor who did your bloodwork to see if he can bring it down

I ariived there and he helped me immediately. To checked my BP and it was 159/90 had gone down but still high so he said increase the dossage of my meds and rest. Jimmerson also gave me sleeping tablets to take care of the sleeping probblems l've been having since l got here, jetlag.

My new date is 12-04-2012. The day before l have to go and have my BP checked by the office.

lMy faith in our good Lord is still intact. All is well. The devil is a lair.

This journey is smooth for some, rough and bumpy...

This journey is smooth for some, rough and bumpy for others. It's amazing how a little kindness helps brighten your day. l really appreciate your love and support my BBL sisters. l know l am not going through these obstacles alone. You ladies are right here with me, sharing my ups and downs, lifting me up time and time again.

Thank you so much.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hi ladies, l just want to say that my surgery did...

Hi ladies, l just want to say that my surgery did not take place because my BP is still high. lt has gone down but not good enough for surgery. lf you are a highblood patient it takes time to lower your BP after it gets high, somethimes agressive measures to bring it down can cause you to have low blood pressure which is also not good. My BP today is 130/100 and l need to get it down to 120/80.

Dr. J was concerned about the situation and sent me to do more lab tests to see if this has to do with my organ(s) not working properly. l went and did the tests which came out negative. So he is relieved about that, l did the same tests 1 month before l came here so l kind of l knew the results will come back negative unless things went wrong overnight. Before l left Europe l did all my tests and everything was okay otherwise l'd not travel. l still don't regret l came because since jetlag caused my pressure to rise means it doesn't matter when. lt's terrible what sleeplessness can do, especially to us with this condition.

Dr. J told me to get my BP stable and he'll take it from there. He hasn't given up on me and l am not giving up either. This ordeal presented an opportunity for me to see how compassionate dr. Jimmerson is. His eyes watered when l cried, he puts his hands around me, he showed me it's not all about money but the welfare of his patients. l am so grateful for that. l feel well treated and taken care of by him. God bless his good heart. Class!!!!

l am looking forward to the day l am going to share my own pics with you all. Patience!!!

Please feel free to share ideas on how to lower BP, thanks.

"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs...

"A man's heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps." (Proverbs 16:9)

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your goodness and faithfulness in my life. I trust that You are leading and guiding me. I trust that You are preparing me for all the wonderful blessings You have in store for me in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Ladies finally Dr. J hooked me up yesterday....

Ladies finally Dr. J hooked me up yesterday. Surgery went very well. Very happy with results. I will put up pic as soon as possible.

Thanks for the love and support.

I went MIA for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that...

I went MIA for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that. I got tired of posting negative updates. I retreated to pay attention to my health and other issues.

I came to RS for some support which l have from all of you beautiful ladies, thanks again.

Dr. J and his staff took great care of me. That's the kind of care everyone needs when embarking on such a journey. My patient consultant was Monica. She is a sweetheart and always busy doing other things in the office, so l noticed. If you have her as your PC please bare with her because most of the time you can't get her on the phone but when you do you will be pleased. If you can't get your PC on the phone just ask your questions to the nurses or any of the staff. They are willing and ready to help you.

I was obsessed with pics before l joined RS (l am still obsessed) lol. I remember how excited l was to see the huge transformation between pre-op and post-op pics and how disappointed l felt when a sista suddenly stopped posting so l dedicate my page to posting pics up till a year post-op, God willing. It is through pics that l made my final decision on who's going to be my doctor. I also checked-out the makemeheal site and found a patient of dr. Jimerson who had pics of 1 year post up and l was sold.

Coming soon.....my very own 1 week post-op pics. Stay tuned ladies!!

As for my healing it is going good. The first 2 days l was sore and did not feel much pain. Each day l feel better. Today l made some carrot soup with a few celery stick, some garlic and a tablespoon olive oil. I am going to stick to the 6 weeks diet plan dr. J gave me for optimal results.

Chao ladies.

Not really a diet plan, more a guideline of what...

Not really a diet plan, more a guideline of what to and what not to eat.

Hi ladies, today l start packing my suitcase to...

Hi ladies, today l start packing my suitcase to head back home in a couple of days. It feels like l am dreaming. Is this me? I keep asking myself when l look in the mirror. Reality will sink in when l get back home l guess.

A special thanks to Desired1, she gave me huge support throughout the few weeks prior to my sx. There were times when hope was gone but she lifted me up and sometimes went out of her way to try and help me. Thank you so much sista. May God continue to bless you Desired1. Your name says it all.

Ladies l just want to say l reached home safely....

Ladies l just want to say l reached home safely. Jetlag is doing its thing on me again but this time it is different, l am home!!

While taking care of mr jetlag l also have bills and other paperwork to take care of.

Please bare with me l will give a full update as soon as l settle down.

May the love of God be with you all.

Hello beautiful ladies, its been a while. l just...

Hello beautiful ladies, its been a while. l just added some new pics at 3 weeks post-op. l still love my results.

My update has a void because l did not share my experience about my sx etc. Here it goes...............

My BP kept going up and down during the 6 weeks prior to my surgery and each time it went down dr. Jimerson would immediately give me a new date and when l got there my BP would sky rocket again to dangerous levels. This happened 3 times before my actual sx date. Although he has a tight schedule he managed to squeeze me in all those times. l really appreciate that, God bless you dr. J.

My living conditions contributed to the yoyo effects of my BP. l was living with some friends who where anti-plastic surgery freaks. They kept telling me l would die on the operating table and mentioned Kanye West's mom as an example the whole time. l had not heard about his mom dying or anything and l struggled not to google it because it might even scare me more. l was constantly teased and l became a hot topic in their midst. They made fun of me and openly gossiped about my BP issues on the phone with their friends, my sx, my ups and downs and how they were sure l was not going to make it alive. Even if l wanted to l wasn't allowed to fly because of my condition so l persevered. Those who suffer from this condition will testify that constant worries and lack of rest only make the condition worse.

The day the wife of my friend boldly told me l would die on the table l was broken. l prayed and wept, then God spoke to me. He said do not listen to what she is saying because that's the devil speaking, trust in me and l will show you l am God the Father Almighty. lmmediately l went to her and said l will not die, my God will never let me die, neither will dr. Jimerson. She laughed in my face and it was as if satan was placing a bet with God. My faith got even stronger and my BP started going down steadily. l called the office and they asked me for a second Medical Clearance and l went and did it no problem. l faxed the results to the office and they gave me a new date, the third one. One that day the nurse checked my BP and it was too high again, damn!! All the ups and downs and numerous disappointments had taken its told on me, l developed a disorder called the WHITE COAT SYNDROME and dr. J recognised it this time around. He told nurse Kim to give me another pre-op and that l should come back after two weeks but should have it in mind that l may end up hospitalized if my BP refuse to go down after surgery. At the back my mind l knew satan was putting up a fight and God will intervene when the right time comes.

l went back to my PCP and my BP was fine (evidence satan is at work). l ask him if he think l am going to make it alive and he said he is sure l am going to make it alive. That boosted my confidence even more.

Day of my sx: My appointment was at 4:30pm and l was told to come 1 hour before time. Nurse Kim said l could eat a banana in the morning since my sx was late in the afternoon which l did, took my medication and went on my knees to pray. l told God l do not need to ask Him much, l said l believed in Him and thanked Him for an eventless surgery. As soon as l said amen and opened my eyes my phone rang and it was the office asking me if l could come at 11:30 instead. Time was 8:10am. l said l just ate a banana. So that didn't work.

l went to the office on time and they were thanking me for being patient all these weeks. l was thanking them for being patient with me as well. l gave my urine, change to the operation garment and it was time to take my BP and guess what.............
My BP rose to 160/117. TOO HIGH for surgery, DAMN!!! For two weeks it was steady at 120/80 sometimes 119/78. l was confused but little did l know that dr.J was prepared for it. The nurse injected me with a substance to help bring my pressure down to a save level and as soon as it was lowered the anesthesiologist took over and gave me the groovy juice as l was lead to the operation room. l remembered laying on the bed and the next thing l new they were calling my name. l opened my eyes slowly and saw the anesthesiologist gazing down on me with a smile. He told me everything went very well, no complications, blood pressure remained stable and l gave him a hug. God simply took over and brought satan to shame. l asked the nurse to give me my ipod and hit my gospel playlist. l immediatedly felt strong. Nurse Ti helped me dressed and l walked to the car, got in without help.

That is the power of the Almighty. Psalm 50:15 says "and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.” Lord l will always worship and glorify Your name, amen.

When Dr. J came to see me after my sx l thanked...

When Dr. J came to see me after my sx l thanked him and asked how many cc's he gave me? Now l feel embarassed about it....lol. He said 750 to the butt and 200 to the hips because that was all he could get. To be honest l expected to get 900 - 1000 to the butt and 200 - 300 to the hips. Am l disappointed with what l got?? No, no, no, no.....l am not. Infact l am very pleased with my results. Dr. J took out only 3000cc because l'd loss a lot of weight and that was all he could harvest. For what l have learned about fat cells they do not die but shrink when you loss weight. So here is my take on it....grafted fat will behave the same as it did in the lipoed areas. Your butt will enlarge when you put on weight and will shrink when you loss weight. Weight gain after BBL will start in your butt. ln this case if l like l can grow the rest of the 250cc's without jeopardising my results but looking at the frame of my new body l think 1000cc will be too big for me unless l gain weight in other areas as well. Everything is still hard, l am patiently waiting to fluff and plump.

Though it is still early l think dr. J gave me exactly the shape as my wish pic. He is a genius. l am proud of him. My butt was 39 inches before sx and 44 inches after. One week post-op it went down to 42 inches and it has held steady up till now. My stomach was also 39 inches like my bottom (real sponge bob) lol. But now its 33 inches. They say it takes 6 months to get complete results so l am not in a hurry and you will not hear me complaing because l am grateful.

My back fat does not feel lipoed but it looks lipoed isn't that great? At 3 weeks po my back fat is 80% gone. l rather have a painless procedure with results that a painful one. My vagina is still swollen and my inner thighs feels as if there is a golf ball in each one. That is quite normal and needs to be massaged daily. My arms have reduced in size as well. l am amazed by that and l'm glad l did not lipo them. l intentionally did not lipo them because l want to use them as a reason to go to the gym. l will tone them that way.

The garment irritates my skin and it iches. l tried using oils, cocoa butter oil, bio-oil and they don't help so l tried massaging my body with olive oil before shower and rub Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E. This helps a lot. Nurse Kim told me to start massaging after one week post-op and since then l have been massaging myself. l wear my garment 23 hours a day and take it off in the morning to shower. l give myself a 15-20mins massage and then take a shower and in the evening l massage again and either shower or wipe myself down. This feels real good. The first part helps me relax during the day and the second part helps me get a good night sleep, 30mins each.

Drinking lots of water is vitale. As the swelling goes down all the toxins come out of the body through the urinary track. From the color of my urine l can see if l am taking enough water or not. Water also helps with overeating. Make sure you drink at least 2ltrs of water during the day so to prevent getting up numerous times to pee at night. I eat mostly whole meal bread, brown pasta, brown rice, sweet potaoes, lots of fruit and veges. No sugar less salt. 3 more weeks and l can start eating whites bit by bit. The triangle irritates me, it too will go in 3 weeks, yayyyy.

My flight back to Europe went smoothly. l handed the letter dr. J gave me to an air hostess as soon as l boarded the plane and she wrote my seat number on it and kept the letter. l was allowed to stand at the back even when they asked other passengers to take a seat because they needed space to maneuver their trolleys. l stood most of the time. My legs were not swollen at all and l thank God for that. l had an aisle seat seven rows to the back. The plane was full but l was blessed to sit with some young Mormon missionaries who didn't mind me fighting with my bobby pillow. Oh God!!!! That was the hardest part, l just couldn't get it right and everyone around was staring at me so l swapped my aisle seat with one of the missionaries and took his middle seat. l used him to shield all those eyes on me....lol. He did not mind at all. l am open to all believes so long as we are talking about the same God and we have respect for each other so the few times l spent sitting down we chatted about religion. l told him l also believe in later day saints not to impress him but l sincerely do believe.

l cut out my chair yesterday and wow!! Foreverbeauty's idea. l love it. The female urinal device is super!!

That's it for today, l will post more pics soon,

Hasta la vista babies.

Hi ladies, l am 6 weeks po today. My butt is still...

Hi ladies, l am 6 weeks po today. My butt is still hard. The office told me it can take up to 8-12 weeks to soften. l am looking forward to that.

l have not got much to report. l will post pics again in two weeks.

Hi ladies l am 8 weeks post-op today. Everything...

Hi ladies l am 8 weeks post-op today. Everything is going slow but steady. Two days ago l noticed my butt is getting soft around the sides. Last week l was concerned about my butt being flat and hard so l called the office. Nurse Kim assured me that it will become round and take shape as it softens and that l should wait till 3 months post-op to sit directly on it.

At 6 weeks po l started wearing my garment 12 hours a day but after 3 days the swelling went out of control and l resumed wearing it 23 hours a day. Praying l don't loss the grafted fat. lt still measures 41 inches, that's a lil peace of mind right there.

Stay blessed ladies.

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