23 Year Old BBL Dr. Jimerson. Atlanta, GA

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Hello there :). im new to this site and looking...

Hello there :). im new to this site and looking for tips and fellow bbl sisters. I am a 23 year old female. 5'6, 153. Ive always wanted a bigger butt. I've done squats, diets, and nothing seems to work. ive been following Dr. Jimerson on instagram for awhile and knew I wanted him as a doctor. ive done my research for about 2 years and feel confident that he will give me the results i desire. I called a week ago and made an appointment for a phone consultation for 12-30-14. I will pay the surgery in cash. Super excited/nervous/anxious. My question is, what will he ask me????

ill post pics of me currently and my wish pics soon!!!


Just had my phone consultation :). My patient coordinator is Randi. She's very nice and very informative. Dr. Jimerson suggested that I gain between 15-20 lbs. so I could'nt be put on the fast track list right now, I can as soon as I gain at least 10 more lbs. and the total cost will be $12,400. He also suggested I get the hips added also so I can have that nice natural hour glass figure. Randi then emailed me hotel info, nursing care, massages, and a list of stuff I'll need to bring/get. So as of now, I have no idea where I'll be staying lol. I do that research later on this week. Super excited though. I'll post current pics of me and wish pics. I usually am 150, but I've been gaining weight for the sx. As of now I'm 157, 15 more pounds to go :(

Brazilian butt lift (pre surgery)

Ahh it's so hard to gain weight. One day I gain a couple pounds but then the next day I lose them :( I've been drinking ensure and a lot of protein shakes. Any ideas or tips on how I can gain weight quickly? I can't pay my cost and get a date until I atleast gain 10 pounds

My measurents today was 35-28-42 and I'm 5'6 and weigh 153. Dr. J said I have to gain 15-20 more pounds!

Bbl 2 months Pre Op

So excited!!!!!!! I payed my surgery balance (which was $1400, payed 10,000 yesterday). My date is March 4th. Randi said she'll call me back if something sooner comes up, but I think that's a good date. Still have to get a bunch of stuff and still gain more weight. Does anyone know a good company where I can purchase my fajas/garments from? And also a nurse/massage therapist in Atlanta and Boston for the massages I will need?

Bbl 50 days pre op

Almost there, getting nervous/guest. I have so much questions!
-I'm flying from Boston, how long do I have to stay in Atlanta before I fly back home?
-Best hotel/rates? Trying to save some money lol
-should I schedule massages the day after surgery or wait till I get back home?
-when can I have sex again? Lol

Free Boppy Pillow BBL

Just ordered a boppy pillow for free (only payed $14.99 for shipping.) Found the info on another site.
Has to be one of the pillows listed for $39.95
Website: nursingpillow.com
Promo code: 365699EC2
Enjoy :)

3 weeks pre op bbl

So I've finally done my medical clearance and I got the results today. My hgb is 11.8, not sure if that's good for the surgery. I'll know when I fax in my papers to the office on Monday.
Still trying to gain weight, don't really think I have enough fat. I've gained 10 pounds since I sent in my pics (Dec. 23), he suggested I gain 15-20. So far he's taking fat from my inner thighs, stomach, back bra roll and flanks. I might add my arms if I don't have enough by the time of surgery. Decisions, decisions lol

Friday the 13th got a lil better :)

So I was having a crappy day, actually a crappy past 2 days. Dealing back and forth with the stupid rmv and then my pre op with the office was supposed to be yesterday but they "missed me" and changed it today. I got a call from Kim around 10 this morning even though I was scheduled at 3pm. Then ended up getting disconnected because she had a bad connection. I called back and was put on hold 3 times so I just gave up lol. But then she called back around 4. She asked questions about my medical history mostly. & also told me my surgery got moved up to 10 am instead of 2 pm which is good. Lol

I'm know debating whether to drive down to Atl (16 hours :( or just fly with my bf

I still have to gain at least 10 more pounds. I'll be so upset if I don't have enough fat when they see me in person.
I'm currently 5'6, 165, 17 more days!!!

3 more days to go!!!!!!!

It still hasn't hit me yet lol. Tonight we're driving to meet my friend in D.C then we'll leave Monday evening to drive down to Atlanta. My pre op appointment is Tuesday at 10 and surgery is on Wednesday at 11. Still trying to gain more weight since I didn't gain much. But pics of his thin patients/patients with less fat gives me hope!!! Lol Today's measuraments: 36-32-42 5'6 163

12 hours away from bbl sx

Tomorrows my big day :) Had my ore op today, went well. I just signed paper work and got my prescriptions (which was a total of $18 with my insurance). And the nurse told me today that dr, j doesn't use drains anymore, which is great because I was dreading at the thought of using it lol. I forgot what she says he uses but you just have to keep the gauze pad clean over it. My surgery time is 11 so I have to be there at 10. Can't wait, wish me luck :)!!!!!!!

Finally made it!

So excited! Dr. J put 750 in one cheek and 800 in the other. I'm not in pain, just a bit sore. Don't really have an appetite but I'm forcing myself to at least eat some soup. Everyone at the office was very nice and funny, I am very please :)

Loving my results!

Today is day number 3 post op and I'm loving my results so far. One of the nurses from dr. J came over last night and gave me a bath and showed my bf how to do the massages. It hurt a lil, But not as much as it hurt taking the garment off and putting it back on lol. Still bleeding a lil. Still no pain. Just stiff/soreness. And I'm still swollen, so the nurse says my waist will be even smaller :)

Post op pics

3 days post op

5 days post op bbl

Each day gets better and better! Tomorrow is my post op appointment, hopefully they'll take the small tube out my butt (kind of annoying lol). Still no pain, just soreness. I'm still swollen but bruises are quickly disappearing.

Drain removed

After 6 days I had my post op and had my drain (lil tube thing) removed. It didn't hurt. My nurse was geeta, she was a doll. I'm still sore in a couple places, but no pain. I honestly think its because of the make me heal vitamins I got.

Measurements pre op 34-28-42
Post op (4 days after) 34-29-45

13 days post op

About 2 weeks post op and each day gets better and better. My thighs are still sore, belly is still numb and my booty is still a bit hard. So far I lost an inch on my butt (hopefully I don't lose anymore lol). Ordering a smaller faja tonight. I'm currently In a large and will order a medium.

Measurements: 03/17/15
Bust: 34
Hips: 28
Butt: 44

2 weeks post op bbl

Didn't see a big difference until I put my b4 and after pic together lol

Post op, no lipo done to bbr

I was deleting some emails and came across my surgical quote. I was quoted at $12,400 which included fat grafting to butt, I added on hips and lipo to back bra roll (bbr). I got the $500 discount since I was paying cash, which then brought my total to $11,900. But, lol, I have no incisions on or around my bra roll. Just my butt and the bottom of my stomach. Has this happened to anyone else?!?! Can't believe I didn't catch this sooner lol. Since they didn't touch my bbr, I get a refund, right?

3 weeks 1 day post op bbl

I am officially 22 days post oo. Time definetly flies by. My current measurements are 34-28-44. I lost an inch (hopefully no more.) I'm still soar and swollen in my thighs, sides, and stomach. I have lumps on my sides (swollen lumps I guess). Slacking on ordering my next as garment, I'll do it tonight lol. And I'm drinking ensure to try and maintain my weight :)

Fat removed from bbr but no marks

Oo yea, an update to my post before last. I called again regarding the add on for the fat remova from the bbr l in which I paid $950 and there were no incision marks. The guy I spoke to in the office said that fat was indeed removed from my bbr. 100 cc's from each side. He said they used a long tube that went through my butt and up to my bra roll to remove fat. He said that's why there isn't any incision marks. That seems a bit far fetched to me but I can't really fight it lol. Maybe I'll ask again when I have my phone 6 week post up appointment in a couple of weeks.

3.5 weeks post bbl

I finally tried on tried on jeans, just because I wanted to see how I'd look in them. I was a size 9 last summer, right b4 I started gaining weight I moved down to a size 7, now Im going to go back up to a 9 lol. I've been wearing my waist cincher that I got a year ago for a couple days now and it actually helps, my sides don't hurt as much and my waist went down an inch. So I am 34-27-44.

1 month post op bbl

Officially 1 month post op :) time definetly flies by. I feel like my butt went down again, but my measurements are kinda still the same lol . 34-28-44, and when I put my b4 and after pics together, I can't really complain. My inner thighs are still swollen & so are my sides and back. I think I may have some fluid I'm my stomach, no pain though.

1 month post bbl

5 weeks post op

I'd say I'm about 80% back to my normal self (pain/swelling wise). My measurements are 34-27.5-43.5ish lol. I have slacked off with eating/maintaining my weight so that might be why my butts getting a tad bit smaller. Hopefully when I increase my intake it'll get bigger. And I'm still wearing my garment, I think I'll continue wearing it full time till next month then go part time

7 weeks post op bbl

Not much has changed since my last update. My inner thighs are still a bit swollen, my measurements today were 34-27-44.5 and I weigh 165 (5 less than the day after surgery). I had my 6 week post op appt last week. The nurse Kim just asked questions to see if everything was ok. I wear my garment at work and then when I sleep, so it's off for like 8hrs and I also wear my waist trainer for 8hrs. I randomly sit sometimes without my pillow (bad I know, doctors, salon, etc), but I don't make it a habit lol. I also think I'm gonna try and start taking maka root, I heard its good for maintaining/gaining weight (amongst other things) , which I want. Has anyone tried it post bbl?!?!

Bbl 11 weeks post op

Nothing much has changed. I'm still wearing the garment for 8 or more hours a day, I'll probably continue wearing it past 3 months since the nurse said the longer you wear it, the better the results. I've maintained my weight, actually trying to gain a lil more. I think next month I'll start going back to the gym (just to use the stair master lol). Still a bit sore when I twist/turn or bend down.
My current measurements are:
Bust - 34
Waist- 26
Hips/butt - 44/44.5 (trying to make that number bigger :p )

3 month post op bbl

Finally hit 3 months (surgery was 3-4-15), time sure does fly! I'm like 95% back to my old self, I just still get sore when I get up from sitting/Laying down for a long time. This was honestly such a great experience, I would do it all over again :)

Happy 4 months post bbl to me :)

Today makes me 4 months post op. Not much has changed. I stopped using the nippy pillow while driving, never was a fan of it lol. I still use the garment part time and will continue to until it gets worn out lol. The attention from guys is crazy, I even get compliments from girls sometimes, but usually they just stare lol, thankfully my boyfriend isn't the jealous type.

My measurements now are 34-25.5-44, after surgery I was 34-28-46

Again, this was an amazing experience and I'd do it all over again (but just go a lil bigger lol)

5 months post BBL

Well I'll be 5 months in like 4 days lol, but nothing much has changed. My lower backs still hurts a bit (like a 2 on a scale of 1-10) but it's getting better since I've been going to a chiropractor (got into a car accident 3 months post op).and my surgery scars are almost gone, I've been using shea butter and hydroquinone (bleaching cream), but I've stopped because the weathers been so warm here in Boston and those products just make me sweat more lol. Again, one of the best decisions I've ever made :)

My measurements today are

6 Months Post Op Bbl!

Nothing much has changed, I don't feel any pain at all, still wearing the garment part time and I try to work out lol

Measurements: 34-26-44.5

9 months post op bbl

Wel about to be 9 months lol. Nothing much has changed except for my weight gain :( I've gained about 18 pounds since I had my surgery. I eat bad and don't work out much lol. Thinking about getting lipo early next year and maybe add more fat to my butt or breast. Still debating
My current measurements are 36-26-45 and I weigh 174

10 months post op bbl

It's been a crazy 10 months, a lot of ups and downs, I've gained like 18 lbs since I had the surgery. I'm currently 175 now. I think I let the surgery get to my head and hurt a lot of ppl (even got into some serious trouble). With the new year, I'm just gonna focus on myself and do better. I initially wanted a boob job but I'm now a 34DDD since I've gained the weight. Pre surgery I was a 34D. Current measurements: 34DDD-26-45 Still love my body and would do it all over again :)

1 year and 1 month Post op

I'm 180 now ????, I have to lose like 30 pounds lol. But I think I still look good, I think later on this year I will get lipo again, not sure with who yet though. I recently started wearing my garment again, I think I'll wear it till at least June. Hopefully with that and working out, eating better, I'll lose weight ????

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