Tummy Tuck, Arm, Breast and Thigh Lifts and Lipo After 190 Lb Weight Loss - 41 yrs old, 5'3,125 lbs

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Surgery is scheduled for just over a week from...

Surgery is scheduled for just over a week from today!

I have used this site for research and support as I have been going through the decision process for this huge procedure. I have really appreciated everyone who shared their experience so I want to contribute as well. I'll upload before and after photos soon.

I'm so nervous - actually, to be honest, I'm very scared... but I'm ready to be free.

5 days Pre Op and full of anxiety

I am so disgusted with my body. I started my weight loss journey at 319 lbs but even now at 125 lbs, I still feel like I am huge. I really hope that this surgery helps me become more comfortable with myself and feel free of everything in my life revolving around weight loss, food and my body. I'm actually more insecure with myself than I was at 300 lbs and it is causing so many issues with almost every aspect of my life - relationships, work, friendships, self worth... It's miserable. I just feel defeated and disgusting.

However, I finally see the light at the end of the very long tunnel. With only 5 days until surgery, I am so full of anxiety and excitement. I am running around like crazy trying to get everything ready for me to come home after surgery. I am feeling overwhelmed but I have the weekend to pull everything together.

I hope my posts and updates become more upbeat. I didn't expect to be this nervous. I have never blogged anything before so please feel free to reach out to me with any comments or questions.

The photos with this post were taken at 3 weeks pre op during my final appointment with the surgeon. I can't believe I am posting something this personal.
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