Chin Implant 12 Yrs Ago - Corrective Surgery Needed

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Had a receding chin and wanted a more prominent...

Had a receding chin and wanted a more prominent chin. Had almost no pain. I was happy with the results in the beging, as it really improved the look, but today I think it would be better with a bigger implant.

Hello, I have had a chin implant surgery 12 years ago when I was 17. If I remember correctly, it was a silicon implant and the incision was made from inside the oral cavity. The surgeon told me he is going to use a big implant because I had a very receding chin. As you see in the picture, the chin is still receding, and not in the same line as the lower lip. I am thinking of a corrective surgery. Which surgery would be appropriate for me, what are the risks, and does it worth the risks? Thank you.
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