Augmentation, then Revision to Smaller Implants - I Want Them Removed

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I want my implants removed. I never had small...

I want my implants removed. I never had small breasts, just a bit of sagging and wanted some upper pole fullness.

I had implants put in in 2003, then replaced with smaller ones last year. They are still too big. I am much more fit now and they do not match my body. I feel very self conscious about them and try to hide them. The implants have to come out.

My question is do I do a lift at the same time? They are somewhat droopy and heavy with the implants, so I do not think I will be thrilled if I just take them out. I am worried about scarring, though, as I have started dating again recently. I am concerned with how men will perceive me as they heal, as I know the scars take a very long time to heal. I am not currently in a relationship, but would like to be. I would have to have the areola incision plus the vertical scar underneath (lollipop?). I would like to hear of others' experiences with scarring.

Also, I am 39 years old, no children yet. I may or may not have children, but am also wondering if it is a mistake to do this prior to having a child.

Need advice...explant only or explant and lift? Scarring?

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