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I have for the last ten years or so...very much...

I have for the last ten years or so...very much wanted bigger breasts. I have since had one child and an income to support a breast augmentation. I will be 30yrs old in October. After my daughter, my breast turned into skin basicly. I am sure women who have breast fed know EXACTLY what I mean.

Everyone tells me I look great and blah blah. The point is I don't feel as attractive with my chest flat. I can't even wear a bra for more than an hour or so due to the dang wire digging into my breast bone. When my daughter was breast feeding, I had D's and I was HAPPY!! exuding sex appeal.

I AM SCARED TO DEATH to go under the knife. The fear of not waking up to raise my daughter is frightening. Obviously, the odds are I will be fine. I am excited as hell to have breasts even with the fear.

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