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Since I am done having children (got my tubes tied...

Since I am done having children (got my tubes tied in DEC. after my son was born) I've decided I am ready to invest in getting my body back right. I have never had a butt but it seems less noticeable when I was slim and had no stomach lol. I am in the researching stage which is how I found this site. I had a consultation with Dr. Jimmerson on 7/26. He quoted me 17,000 for the tt and bbl after reading reviews about how hard the recovery is for both of these procedures combined I decided to forget the tt and just do the bbl. I have no hips or butt and Dr Jimmerson says its an extra 1,000 for the hips. I think it should be included but hey he's the expert. My cousin had a tt done by him and she looks great. I found a doctor by the name of Michale Carter of Atlanta Medical spas. His bbl includes full torso and back which is what I need. Have anybody heard of him and/or used him? I called to schedule an consultation but the lady is not in today

So I had my consultation with Dr. Michael Carter...

So I had my consultation with Dr. Michael Carter today, and I really like him. I think he is who I am going to go with. He is not a plastic surgeon but a cosmetic surgeon. He specialize in Tumescent liposuction. Which mean you are awake but very relaxed. I had a c-section in december and the recovery was hell. So a tt is out of the question for me. He does full torso which includes back, sides bar rolls and the fat by the arm pitt. Also he kept it 100% real with me and explained that he can only inject what my butt will hold and it depends on how loose or shagging mu skin is back there. I have medium loose skin and I should be able to get at least 1000cc. Since I am only doing liposuction I have a chance of having loose skin and he also offers a skin tightening procedure with is included in my price of 9,150. I really feel comfortable with him and he is the one for me.

Dr. Michael Carter

I choose Dr. Carter because I don't want a tummy tuck and he does great lipo. I did soo much research and went to soo many consultation. He is the best doctor for the results I am looking for.

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