Office review: Miss Communication

Dr. Jimerson staffs are horrible. I had a phone...

Dr. Jimerson staffs are horrible. I had a phone consultation that I had sat for July 22,2016. I sent my photos. Okay so I had a job interview that day so I ask to reschedule and I updated my number. So my new phone consultation was due today July 27,2016. For between 9am and 12 pm. Now be advised I live in New Orleans Louisiana. So I wakes up at 9am ever since that I waited to 12 pm still no calls. So I called them and left them know that I reschedule from last week. And the staff say okay I'ma put you in for 2:30 pm. Be advised I live in new Orleans LA. So our time different from ATL. So I'm waiting still no call. I just call and they said they called me at 1:55. Now I can show you and I sent them a photo of my call log from today. And I didn't receive no calls. I asked them so y'all just take phone consultation money and never call them and they say they call. I said that how y'all get over on out of town people. I mean I can see if I didn't pay my $50.00 but I did paid them. I'm going bring my money to someone else. Because obviously he don't need my business nor my money. And I'm paying cash money

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