Set Up the Septorhinoplasty of my Dreams - Atherton, CA

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Hey all! Some of you might remember me from a...

Hey all!

Some of you might remember me from a previous post about my terribly disappointing primary surgery. Well, I ended up going back to the same surgeon for a free revision, & ended up with a long nose, just one with a slightly smaller hump. My nose is the epitome of what one would think of an "underdone nose".

I have a revision rhinoplasty scheduled with Dr. Umang Mehta for Dec. 27th and couldn't be more excited!!!! The waiting is killing me, however. I regularly check RealSelf's rhinoplasty thread to convince myself that I, too, could have a good result. That I could go from having a long, humpy, unfeminine nose (that isn't even functional!) to one of those button-nosed beauties. A girl can hope.

My insurance is paying for my deviated septum repair, turbinate reduction, and nasal valve collapse repair. I am hoping that will result in an aesthetically straighter nose that allows me to breathe better as well. Losing the constant congestion and frequent nosebleeds wouldn't hurt either.

Being the vain creature I am, I'm concerned my long nostrils will still long after surgery.

Ugh, can't wait. The waiting is ridiculous!
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