Here I Go!!

This is all pre op so it is limited. I have...

this is all pre op so it is limited. I have watched videos of the procedure and read alot here. I am about 169 lbs and lost aa lot of weight over the last year and one half. I had a breast reduction about 2 years ago and wrote in these forums. It was so helpful, so I hope to do this again. I did a lot of preparation. Rented a lift chair, have a toilet riser , a walker from a thrift store, I rearranged my apartment and even did my Christmas decorating ahead of time so I can enjoy that. I am having a Tummy Tuck that is higher up then the standard tuck. The Dr. felt this would be better for my body. I will also have vaser liposuction. Other than that, I don't know much more. I won't know until it''s done and I'm feeling it and doing the drain thing. etc. It's good to read all your posts. Just two days left until my surgery. I'm in California by the way.
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