49 Years Old - my Experience with Filling Nasiolobal Lines - Athens, Greece

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Initially I had "Restylane" injected into the...

Initially I had "Restylane" injected into the lines. The result lasted 3 days. I was very disappointed. A few months later, I went to another doctor and I had tummy liposuction, and had the lines filled with fat. Ironically, the only reason I had the lipo done, was to use the fat to fill the lines. Again, the result lasted only 3 days...very disappointing. Also got bottom lip filled with fat, as with the lines it also lasted only 3 days.

Months went by, and I went to get "Botox" done at a 3rd doctor, and while I was there, I told the doctor about my experience with trying to fill the lines. She suggested another product called "Surgiderm" (hyaluronic acid) and explained that she had worked with most fillers out there and found this one to be the best. I decided then and there to get it done. Initially, there was a lot of bruising (she used 2 syringes), and as the days went by it looked like another failure as I could still see the lines. About 4 weeks went by and my husband said "you haven't got the lines anymore", I then also noticed, the lines were disappearing, to the point of disappearing altogether a few days after that. I had noticed that there was a bit of swelling kind of next to the lines, so basically the product migrated and eventually filled in the lines.

6 months later - no lines. The doctor told me the result would last about 8 months, and then I would only need one syringe, instead of the initial two.


It's been 9 months, and the lines haven't appeared yet. Very satisfied.
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