Asymmetry After Double Eyelid Surgery

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I have double eyelids, but I had multiple creases...

I have double eyelids, but I had multiple creases on my left eyelid making both eyelids uneven. I went to see a doctor to investigate reason and what can be done.
Doctor diagnosed because of extensive contact lens wear previously stretched and weakened my levator muscles. Now I have already done Lasik, so I don't have to worry about contact lens anymore.

Doctor also diagnosed that I have ptosis since 1/4 of my pupils were covered, plus my long lashes covered another 1/4, impeding my vision.
She says she can treat just my left eyelid, as my former request, but she recommended double bleph to be able to control symmetry.
I was convinced and went ahead for double bleph to lift my eyelids and make them symmetrical.

The surgery was painful. But what was disappointing, was my left eyelid was still droopy, and in fact even more asymmetrical than before.

So about a week later, doctor did a correction to lift it again. Second surgery, less painful, and result seemed better.

However, after 3 days, eyelid seemed to droop again. How come it is not improving but deteriorating instead? It is not symmetrical with my right eye!

Unclear if this is because of swelling and bruising, but it does worry me because I do not want to go for further correction anymore. I have already forked out money and time, more than I expected. Moreover, all this has been taking a toll on me emotionally. My family and caregivers are also becoming impatient and upset with the situation.

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Rude and unempathetic doctor

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