36 Years Old, Excessive Weight Loss and Saggy Boobs - Astoria, NY

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After weighting 400 lbs, I had weight loss surgery...

After weighting 400 lbs, I had weight loss surgery in 2010 and have lost over 180 lbs to date. I have had a tummy tuck and inner thigh lift last year but my saggy boobs were still a problem. I decided on a breast lift and wanted implants but my doctor suggested we do it in a 2 stage operation due to the amount of sagging skin to remove. I am 2 days post op and the pain is not that bad at all. I'm very bruised up but was able to move around and do things. Managing the pain with Tylenol instead of the pain medication because the pain medication make me nauseaus. I am not sure how I feel about my boobs yet. They are smaller than b4, but definitely perky. I just wish we could have done the implants at the same time. Counting down the days until I can heal and get my implants.

16 Days Post Op Breast Lift Complicationz

16 days post op from a breast lift and 12 days post op started developing an infection and wound breakdown. Feeling a little defeated at the moment. Told by PS to keep the wounds treated with betadine and covered. Hoping the wound closes soon. Doesn't really hurt but it is uncomfortable.
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