Assembly Line

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The doctors in San Diego are brash and treat...

The doctors in San Diego are brash and treat patients as if they are cattle. This place is great BEFORE you pay and then it's 'hurry up and get them done with and on their way'. I would expect a follow up call after the procedure but you have to almost beg them to get you back in. I will say that the assistants are far nicer than the aloof doctors.

The results are still coming however I have no feeling and there was a large blood clot that they didn't want to drain until I insisted and then they were able to draw 5cc's of blood and reduce leakage.

You get what you pay for, they are less expensive than most and the doctors are perhaps not as patient-friendly. Certainly not caring in the least.

While I was waiting for a follow-up visit, some poor elderly man came into my waiting room, said he had been waiting in the operating room for a follow up. This man's face was blacked on the sides and he had waited for over one hour. The nurse came and told him the doctor had left and they recommend he visit an oxygen chamber like divers go in after they get decompression sickness. They told him there are some "in the area" and sent him on his way. I felt sorry for him and I personally told him that UCSD had one but he was not even sure how to get there. This is not good customer service.

Dr Afani

An assembly line, no patient care after procedure.

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