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Hoping for dr. harley in the future. still not...

hoping for dr. harley in the future. still not sure if everything i read is legitimate! i wonder if anyone else has been fence sitting for a long time? it is surely a big decision and i am 70 yrs old! he sure gets some great press here and nothing negative. I'm impressed but still thoughtful. will be following closely, barbydoll

on the fence

still pondering and wondering if dr. harley is as good as they say or if some negative views are not reported? always a sceptic, barbydoll

I have been getting a great education from so many...

i have been getting a great education from so many woman on this blog. dr harley seems like my guy. i have the usual trepidation around surgery, recovery and logistics. would love to have a buddy to share with doing nurse duty and receiving nurse duty in return. i am from connecticut. i see that this is a very big decision and i am not a big risk taker (any more)


changed title - so not techy!


still pondering


i am looking at a local doc: Johhny Mao, but have done nothing but listen to the very helpful posts on this site. it is a great resource.

facelift needed

took these with laptop. i think i am off the fence! maybe this is the way to get motivated. pics tell the sad truth. tx to all the brave ladies; maurdian, geezer hottie and txann especially, also better and better.

faceliftneed alias barbydoll

still doing research and am so thankful to all for their help. i am seeing dr. mao in ct. soon and have an appt to consult with harley this summer. would like to be off the fence sooner. i have a wealth of information but still vacillating. special thanks to pinkieleeloo , maurdian and friendly for their help in my research. one thing i know is best to do when u first see the aging and not wait til age 70. of course this is no help to me!!!

faceliftneed alias barbydoll

i meant to add these to show another reason why facelift need!

off the fence

well today i decided to go to dr johnny mao in orange ct. i really liked him and altho it is more than i planned to spend i strongly feel that he is the doc for me. i will have a deep plane lift with a chin incision and a bit of lipo but not plasmic surgery and will have a small surgical eye surgery on lower lid but not full bleph. later maybe laser but for now the lift is really what i want as the neck and lower face are my main issues. i am glad to be off the fence and will likely have surgery at the end of april. sure do thank all of u for the input especially dr Mao's 2 patients and the rest of u who gave so much information. i will keep in touch. tx, barbydoll
Dr Harley

i have heard such good things about dr. harley that he would be my very first choice altho i know dr. elizabeth morgan. i like the idea that he does nothing but Biltmore lifts.

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