52 Yrs Old, Biltmore Lift (Lower Face/neck Lift), Possible Bleph. Asheville, NC

Finally called & scheduled my consult date,...

Finally called & scheduled my consult date, July 27! Didn't realize Dr. Harley was so far booked out...I asked to be on the cancellation list since I'm only 2 hours away (Charlotte). I kept putting off scheduling, thinking I could get some weight off & then book but I feel the time is now. I am in the beauty industry (Esthetician) & I know I may have more of a tendency to focus on flaws but the jowls & neck have really gone down hill in the last couple years!! I know I use good skin care including a great retinol, c serum, copper peptides, etc. so I know my skin has all it needs to thrive but the lack of elasticity is pretty bad. I really feel that going through the change causes the skin suffers the most. I've started taking some vitamins to work on this internally (Collagen, Hylauronic Acid, etc) hoping to slow this aging process down a bit. I'm excited about this journey & have been so encouraged by you ladies that have shared their. Let me thank you all now & welcome any advice & tips!

I have a surgery date!

I had my consult with Dr. Harley yesterday! He & Juanita are as wonderful as everyone has already stated. Dr. H. seems to be a very kind & humble man, soft spoken & not in a hurry. He answered my questions & went into details. He said he did recommend a Bleph for me but we are waiting to see if the Botox he put in could give a lift instead. I have had my 11's botoxed before but he injected the whole brow line in hopes of a lift. I'm excited to see if that works for me!

There were a couple of dates in August available for surgery but I went with Sept. 22 nd, 6:00 in the morning! I will be stocking up on supplies (arnica, bromelian, etc) in hopes of keeping the bruising down. I will need to be back to work within 10 days so I plan to be compliant with the protocol.

Looking forward to future updates!

I have a cleft in my neck!

Something new every day...I knew my neck had that creepy hanging skin but now with so much laxity I'm creating a cleft....ahh the joys of aging! Lol! Chalk up another reason to get this surgery done!

My tired face

I've been waffling back & forth on having the upper Bleph done. You can see how my right eye isn't that bad but the left is completely hooded. My concerns are with possible complications such as dry eye...I also wear contacts & don't want t be stuck with glasses long term. It seems to make sense to go ahead & get it over with now...thought about doing a brow lift at a later date as well. My surgery is set for 9/22 so I need to decide soon.

10 Days to go.....

Thought I'd post a current pic of me smiling since in all the others I look like a grump. Lol! All the sagging & jowling aren't quite as prominent when I smile :). I've stopped taking fish oil & baby aspirin (hope I don't have a stroke!) in prep for lift. Next week I'll start Bromelain & Arnica. Reservations are made for The Baymont Inn (5 min from Dr. Harley's office). My 70 yr old mother is coming with me & we plan to do a little antiquing the day before surgery. I've got a feeling once Mom sees how I manage with the surgery that she may sign up! I'm bringing my Magic Bullet for blueberry/pineapple smoothies. I'm concerned about keeping the swelling down... I've seen some pics where the swelling looks painful. Any other suggestions from those of you on the other side welcomed!

The smiling pics

Here's my no makeup pic. It looks like mascara but I have lash extensions. You sure can see the jowls from the side view. Hope to post an after pic with that gone!

Cost for Biltmore Lift with Upper Bleph

I've tried to update my original post on cost for those interested. For some reason there is a tab for updating but when I save the info it doesn't change. So it's $6400 for BL & $2400 for upper Bleph. A total of $9000 for my surgery. There is also a $500 deposit required to hold your surgery date.
My surgery is THIS Thursday (9/22) at 6:15 a.m. Feeling excited, little anxious, a lot selfish. I think about the vacation my husband & I could have.... He has been so sweet about this. Won't say I NEED the surgery but he gets me. I don't have to show him the before pics because he remembers what I looked like as young woman. I have realistic expectations & honestly don't expect to look like a 30 year old. Just don't won't to feel BAD about the sag on my face. Thankful for all the support...at home & with RealSelf. It's reassuring to go back & view others who have been there & done that. :)

Warning - Picture overload!

So maybe I'm obsessing a little....I will be busy working this week so I won't be able to dwell on the surgery (leaving for Asheville Weds!) but I want get some before pictures in good lighting,pointing out all the things I'm hoping will be resolved with this surgery. The symmetry is off on my eyes & jowls. My Left eye is hooded more than right & I have heavier jowling on right side than left. My goal is to do side by side "afters" showing a fresher me!

Close up for upper bleph

Hello from the other side!

It's done. Back in the room. Sipping on a little coffee. Only complaint is a headache & annoying feeling when I blink that my eyelids don't close due to swelling. Doc said ok to take extra strength Tylenol along with pain meds but not due to take prescription drugs until 1:00pm. I was awake during the surgery & able to speak but felt no pain at all. It only took about 3 hours for BL & upper Bleph. I go back tomorrow at 9:30 to remove drain. The drain needs to be emptied a couple times before then & my sweet Mom is being an excellent nurse! Will keep you posted with any updates. Time for a little nap!

Update Morning After

Hey Ladies THANKS to all who have wished me well!! I started trying to respond to every post & then it became cumbersome so here's my morning after experience: I feel fabulous! No pain whatsoever. I have not taken any pain meds since I got up (around 5 a.m - fell alseep early last night. ) now I WAS a bit miserable last night..my head felt like it was going to explode. Mainly because this head wrap feels like it's digging in my head. It's elastic & I imagine the swelling was making it tighter...I kept pulling it away from my face to give relief & that seemed to help a little...finally pulled all the cotton they wrap inside the elastic OUT & that helped a bunch. That & the Hydromorphone I took Did the trick! As far as eating I was able to open my mouth barely enough to put in a fork. I ate 1/2 a baked potatoe (a little too much chewing) & yogurt with blueberries. My mom went to a Mexican restaurant with a friend last night & brought back some refrained beans with sour cream. I never thought refried beans ever tasted so good. Lol! I leave later this morning to get the gang wrap removed - yippee!! I will go ahead and take a pain pill in anticipation of the draining tube sliding out. Yuk! Will keep you posted!

Quick pic before heading home

FYI: Kelly did get after me for taking the cotton around the face out last night. She said it can cause more bruising, etc by taking out too early so don't follow my lead in that. Pulling out the drainage tube was not bad at all. Dr. Harley comes back in and gently expresses as much fluidas he can. I'm feeling fine & don't plan on taking any more pain medicine. The face is numb & I can tell I'm starting to swell a little...feels like I'm wearing a mask. So far no bruising but I have seen others who didn't have any at first & ended up with some later. Keeping my fingers crossed! I am loving seeing a smooth jawline so far!!

Day 3 progress

These pictures are taken right after I woke up this morning & iced for 20 min. I am still very swollen & hope things will look better after I start moving around & get some good fluids in my system. I haven't washed my hair since surgery & plan to take that project on later this morning. Not sure how drying the hair is going to work...I've always flipped my head over to get volume & that's a big no no! It kind of hurts to smile right now..pushing the checks up just makes things worse. I stayed in all day yesterday & I think I'm starting to get cabin fever. If it weren't for the tape holding my "antennas" down between my eyes, I would probably go out to lunch with my family this afternoon. Funny note - my 16 year old son has yet to notice anything different about his mom! Lol! My daughter notices everything but my son thinks I just went antiquing in Asheville for a couple days! :)
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