24 Years Old, 1 Child. Time to Get This Belly off of Me - Ashburn, VA

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I am so excited to get this one. Initally i was...

I am so excited to get this one. Initally i was worried that i was too young to get this done. I do plan on having more kids. Hence, why i am not getting a TT. However, i was obessed when i was younger i was 192 at the age of 13. I begain my Journey to lose weight got to 124 at the age of 20. After i got pregnant i am left with a weight of 173 lbs. I feel like i am back to square one. I know it is my own fault, however, even when I got down to 124 i always had that one area that i could not get rid of. So i am doing this for me. I am doing this to give me a start in the direction i want to go. I want to be a fit mother for my daughter and for my future children. I am both nervous and excited for this Journey.

Before Pics

More pics


So my surgery is two weeks away. I am getting super nervous and am wanting the days to go by faster. I have been eating healthier and excercising more. I have my pre op appointment this Friday. I just hope that everything goes well during the surgery and my results come out fabulous. I am nervous that i will pay all this money and i will end up looking the same. Praying that all of this is worth it.

Todayis the Day!

Ok so today is the big day. I am very nervous for the outcome. I have read good and bad reviews on this procedure. I guess at this point it is having trust in my doctor. I didn't get the best sleep as my daughter had a rough night (9 months) so I am tired. Will update once I am out. Wish me luck!


Here is the low down on my procedure. So I got to the office at 8:35 took my volum at 7:45 as directed. There was no wait time I got in the office and the staff was ready for me to go in. As they prepped me the nurse was talking to me to put me at ease and also walked through the whole procedures. The doctor started with my back then my whole stomach. He was calling out how many CCS he was taking out so that he would take out the same amount or close the same CCS that he took out on the first side. That made me feel better as he was making sure he was going to make me even on both sides. I would say when they where putting in the numbing medicine was the most painful. However there where times when the doctor suctioned I felt sharp pain. He explained that was an indication that he was running out of fat. So he would move to the other side .( not sure how true that was)

Anyways, he also asked the nurse to check if it was even or if she saw some discrepancy. They had me suck in my stomach to check and blow it up like a bubble. The nurse was making sure that I was OK. She would give me some of my pain medicine to lower the pain. The doctor was very aggressive in suctioning which was great for me because I know he was getting out as much fat as he could.
The procedure started at 9:30 am I was finished by 12:00 PM. The nurse then squeezed some of the fluid out of me then help me but on my faja.
I was dizzy when I first got up, however I was fine after a little water.

Overall the procedure was tolerable however there was some pain. I am now at home resting.I am hoping this is all worth it. Not much pain at this moment but will keep updating.

Post up 1 day

So I had a lot of draining the day of the procedure so much I had to change my gauze twice. I slept through the night did not have much fun. It is still uncomfortable to get up out of the couch or bed. I am very brusied. I am not sure if this is normal. However I do drink my pain meds I do t feel like they help much but I am trying to manage. Not as much drainage today as yesterday. I am concerned about how bad my bruising is. Is it normal to have this much?

Post-op day 2

Hey Guys,
Slowly getting better not as sore as yesterday but still sore. Easier for me to get up from bed and couch. It does still hurt to bed down. I haven't really taken my faja off to see how it's healing. However, it looks good so far as far as the flatness and contouring. Excited to see the final result. I did feel much more swollen. This morning then yesterday. However my doctor advised me that this would happen. The most swilling is in the 48 hrs post procedure. I will add that I am so itchy on my back incision. Which is good it means it's healing but agh so itchy. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Day of Procedure

Hey guys. Forgot to post body pics on the day of the procedure. Not the best light so sorry. However so you get and idea. Will post updated pics in a few. I am just really brusied at this time.

Post - op day 3

Today is a better day. I do feel more swollen in my garment then yesterday. I do not really take off my garment unless to shower or clean the garment it's self. However pain is manageable. It is still hard to bed down. Drinking lots of water. I did order a new garment as I feel this one is not as tight as it should be. We shall see.

One Week Post up

So i will be one week tomorrow. There are no updated pictures yet as they where very strict on having the garment on for 24 hours unless taking a shower or washing the garment. I also, dont want to discourage myself . My bruising as well as pain had gone down alot. I do however do still swell up quite a bit. I feel it as the day goes on it get more swollen. I know this is part of the healing process so i am trying to be patient. There are still areas that are tender to the touch but nothing to crazy. Tomorrow i will be getting stiches removed so will update then.


Feel great so far. I am starting to massage now as I can tolerate it. I am pretty happy with the results this far. I know I am still extremely swollen. However, I did switch from my first velcore faja to a Colombian faja it gives more more compression. Took pics this morning seeing improvements slowly but surely.

2 weeks post

Hey guys,

So it has been 2 weeks since my procedure. I am still wearing my garment 24 hrs. I don't see much change. Maybe that's just me. However everywhere that's puffy is very hard. I am massaging those areas. I am still tender. However, I am trying to be patient.


Still sore from the procedure. However, I am happy to say that so far I am happy with my results. My stomach is coming along nicely. I have not really been on much of a diet and no exercise. However, I am cleared for exercise so I will start to maximize my results and get my future body started. ????

Results coming along

So I am very pleased so far I am only 3 weeks post but my stomach has been slowly lifting up. I am very excited. I have not started exercising yet as I am still very tender but plan to start soon. I am amazed at the changes. Excited to see what real diet and exercise can do.
I do have hard areas. However I am massaging all areas.

One month post op

Here are a few pics from my month post op. Some days I. More swollen then others. I still have soft areas. However they are becoming soft. If it's soft does that mean there is still fat in that area?
Ashburn Plastic Surgeon

When i first came into the office, it was very nice and you just got a warm feeling. Turn around time was fast i filled out my paper work and i was not even waiting 2 minutes when i got called back. Dr. Mountcastle answered all my questions. Showed me before and after pictures and was overall very friendly. He seems like he knows what he is doing and his staff is very well educated.

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