Chin Lipo - Waited 5 Years and Was Definitely READY!!! - Armadale, AU

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I have Botox which keeps the top of my face...

I have Botox which keeps the top of my face looking fresher, but the saggy chin was really getting me down.
I found myself putting my hand over my chin when I spoke.
I got 4 quotes. A lot wanted to do it under a general anaesthetic, but Dr Rich does it in the chair, so much cheaper and less disturbing to family life.
I booked it, paid the deposit and had it done yesterday.
It took about 10 minutes. Not painful at all. I expected the local to really sting, but it didn't.
I was given a relaxant, which was great! Helped me chill and stopped the nerves.
The dressing was changed 24 hours later, in the photos. I'm redressed and need to wear the compression for another 2 days.
I have been taking paracetamol for the dull pain and it totally takes away all pain.
I took a sleeping tablet last night and slept propped up high.
I started the night with no pillow so my neck was nice and flat, but I had awful dreams about not breathing! The garment was definitely restrictive!
I'll send updates.
Armadale Dermatologic Surgeon

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