38yr, 1 Kid, 5'0" Lipo with Vaser, Upper/Lower Tummy with Flanks and Love Handles

Even at my lowest weight my belly was still there....

Even at my lowest weight my belly was still there. Gained 20 lbs when I had a kid. It been losing and gaining the same 20 lbs since I had a kid. After a long discussion with hubby we agreed to get lipo done. We are not having any more kids and I want to look HOT. I want to feel good about myself. I am active, I run 10ks all the time. I do weights with hubby.

Playing at Target ????

Went to Target the actually have bikinis for busted women. It was fine to dress us and look at my body and saying goodbye tummy I won't miss you.

Work boredom

What to do, oh I know belly pics. This is with Spanx on. OMG the day I could throw away all my spanx is the day I'm gonna cry happy tears. I have so many Spanx

Financing 101

Decided to go with Prosper for a medical loan. I have excellent credit.
Got a load for 5.34% interest rate. Just waiting for them to verify my info.

Time Off

Okay the boss man approved my time off. (Friday, Monday, Tuesday)

Some people on this page are scaring the shit out of me saying I need to take weeks off. Im only getting vasor. I sit at a desk all day. I'm still new at this job I don't have a lot of vacation time.
I can handle pain, I had my kid with no meds, I had my gallbladder removed I was okay afterwards.
I got this!!

The waiting game

So what to do before hand, pick out a day of outfit: button down shirt & baggy pants the day of. Ugh I feel like I should be doing something? Prepping?

T-minus 2 weeks and 3 days

I find myself taking as many before pics as I can. This was taken this morning: side view.

Kiss this belly goodbye!!

So glad I have a very supportive Hubby!!! I sent him this today.

My thoughts today. . .

I have really high expectations. Only because I have a very short torso and I know once this belly is smaller aka gone it will make a HUGE difference in my small frame. I'm so short the smallest weight gain or lose shows a lot on me.

Pre-op appt

I'm so glad I recorded the conversation with my nurse. Cause I had to replay everything she said. And write it all down.

I have to do this colon cleanse a week before. (I got pills for that) I have to follow this strict ass zero carb diet afterwards for 6-8 weeks.

It will be worth it, I'm so damn excited I couldn't even sleep last night.

Getting excited!!!

I still can't believe this is happening! It's like a dream come true. Why did I wait so long for this?? Oh wait I didn't have the $. Hahahha

All my rx have been filled, my bag is packed.

Meds: antibiotics, pain killers, Valium
Comfy pants
Button down shirt
Zipper hoodies
Warm fuzzy socks
Book to read
Portable battery charger (for my phone)
Deodorant (cause I can't put it on before hand and I'm paranoid of being stinky)
Wireless Headphones

I hope I'm not missing anything

Timeline Checklist!

Maybe I'm a type A person but I needed to make a timeline checklist to make sure I don't forget anything to do or forget anything to bring.

The next day

Everything happened so fast the whole surgery. Trying so sleep was a pain in the butt. So I end up sleeping in the recliner. No drains so i had gauze dripping in blood. Had to use a tarp to the bathroom. Sleep on top of 2 towels.

1st follow up appt

My lipo pkg that I have includes 6 aftercare ultrasounds these ultrasounds will help break away any pockets of liquid, remove any hard parts. The nurses used very warm wash clothes to warm up the skin then used the gel with the ultrasound wand. It was getting a warm massage. There was slight pressure pain but okay.
She gave me an extra binder with bone (aka hard plastic strips) in it, (think like an corset).

I finally saw my stomach at the nurses and I'm so pleased. Cause I know it will look better after the swelling is down. I peeked at my records they took 2800cc = 2.5 liters
1000cc = 2.2 lbs: so if you do the math almost 6.6lbs

Also did my 1mile walk per dr as part of my after care. The pain is totally manageable. It's not that bad. Sleeping on my back is hard but I know it will be WORTH IT!

Day before photos

Just wanted to post before pics before posting after pics.

The next day

These were taken the next day at my follow up appt. Where the did an ultrasound with QRS treatments.

Back to work today

I have a desk job and sitting all day with this compression garment is difficult. It becomes uncomfortable and I need to stand and walk. Wearing a jacket over my clothes so people can't see my ripples from the compression garment. Wearing a fitted sweater dress today.

Working with sharp pains

So I wear a compression top with my binder over it and a sweater over that. I'm glad I did this over the winter time. So no one can see the bulges of my compression garment. The binder is making it hard to button my size 8 petite pants but that's okay. I'm getting sharp pains very randomly all over my stomach & hips. I think it's b/c of the sitting I do at work. So my consultant said I can take Tylenol. My other rx pain meds make me sooo drowsy. I cannot take that at work.

1 week post op

Starting to get sharp random pains, they feel like contractions. Dr confirmed it's muscle spasms and he says it's normal. I can't stand the binder garment I got from the dr. So I went to Kohls. I got a waist trimmer. I got and XL and a L, I can squeeze into a L. With my short torso these cover my hips too!

Morning workout aka walking

So it's been a week and now I have to up my walking to 3 miles a days.
I used to be a runner so this is frustrating for me. What took me a little over an hr I used to do a 10K (6.2 miles) in that time now all I can do is 3 miles.

2 weeks post op

I'm feeling a lot better. Bending over is sometimes painful. I was getting random sharp pains they felt like contractions. Dr said they are muscle spasms and they are normal. They are going away. Drinking about 100oz of lemon water a day. Which helps with swelling and the walking an hr a day.

Feeling snug :-)

Wearing a size large waist trainer now when at work then I wear the XL when I sleep. The garment I was sent home it getting stretched out and not comfy anymore. I wear that one when I'm on the treadmill.

3 weeks post op

Mobility is almost 100% back. Bending over is doable. Twisting at the waist I still do very slowly. I want to attempt running again but I little scared. I hope this upper abs swelling goes down. TMI: I noticed that "down there" is extra puffy: like all the fluid rested there. I'm a little concerned I feel like it looks like the same (upper abs)

It's been almost a month later

Sometimes you need to do a side by side to make yourself feel better. Yeah I'm massaging the hard lumps twice a day. Side note: my size 8 work pants feel sooo LOOSE!!????

I can only review the consultation: Waiting room time 30 mins, finally got to meet with me the surgeon. I wanted a tummy tuck he said I didn't need and that a lipo with Vaser would work for me. Then the client consultant talked to us, took some pics and discussed pricing.

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