Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation W/Brava - Arlington Heights, IL

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I have been wanting to get breast augmentation for...

I have been wanting to get breast augmentation for years, I never wanted to get silicone/saline implants because of future complications. it wasn't until about four years ago that I decided I wanted to do it with Fat grafting, it was still fairly new to me so I did my research, which everyone should do. I ran across a lot of doctors and even considered Dr. Khouri in Florida but decided on Dr. Placik because he was certified and had great reviews, everyone who had something done with him mentioned how great his work was, and how his consultations were never rushed. Non the less, I knew this was a pricey procedure so I have been saving up for about 3 years. Well the time has come and I have finally booked my surgery date for next week. I have been wearing the brava for 5 days now. Usually you're suppose to wear it for 4 weeks to get the best results but Im only wearing mine for 2 weeks (still hoping for the best) So far it isn't so bad, i expected much worse. but it IS a pain. They are HUGE, someone said think Madonna Cones but they're bigger, I won't even open the door in them. I wear mine for 10 hours a day mostly when Im sleeping and for some time throughout the day. I'll be flying into Chicago for this procedure so I'm super excited/nervous. I keep looking at the before and after pictures every time i feel the nerves coming. Oh and I'm a 34A. Will post pics later today! :) Any questions feel free to Ask.

Brava Update

Im still wearing the brava every night for 10+ hours, i see a significant difference in my breasts now, more of a conturing kinda look. they look different when I take them off in the morning. I have very sensitive skin and Im kinda developing a small rash where the brava is worn, I've read that some people develop blisters but thankfully I won't be using it for much longer. my surgery is exactly ONE week away

Brava = biggest pain

I wore the brava for 10 hours last night and I woke up with the craziest rash/burn. I applied coconut oil and it helped..for a few hours until my skin started hurting so much I started googling to try to find some answers. Luckily I stumbled upon Aloe Vera gel. A lot of people have said that it helps and should be applied prior to putting on the domes (wish I knew sooner) anyways I bought mill creeks aloe Vera gel at my local vitamin shoppe I applied it immediately and kept reapplying throughout the day (about 4 times) my skin no longer burns but it's still very red. I suffer from hyper pigmentation and unfortunately my skin leaves dark spots for any reason so im going to try my best to find a solution to this. I can't apply the domes tonight because I'm afraid I'll just be in too much pain. I'm gonna give my skin a break. Any suggestions on what I can use to get rid of the redness?

Post Op Day 1

Hi everyone I had surgery today. I woke feeling extremely nervous i came to Chicago alone so I felt...alone lol. I went over to dr Placik's at around 10. I've read about how sweet his nurse sherry is and she most definetly is. She calmed me down a few days ago on the phone when I was online googling all these things that can go wrong and even offered to stay on the phone with me, she told me I can call her whenever I wanted to. I met her today and because I couldn't fill the pain killers in NJ she offered to do it for me she wouldn't take a penny from me and came back with a stuffed bunny, crackers, a magazine and a big smart water. She is truly a kind person. With that being said I met with Dr Placik he went over the surgery and marked me up and explained in detail on the areas he would be harvesting the fat from. I went into the surgery room soon after the anesthesiologist was extremely sweet as well. Next thing you know I was waking up from surgery. I went in at around 12 and woke up at 5. Let me say this I've read that the pain is equivalent to being sore after a workout...that went the case for me I was in a lot of pain and I kept shaking which made it worse. They put the heat up and gave me mor heated blankets but it didn't stop the shaking. I even took a pain killer and nothing. I went over to Manor Care (im here now) it's a nursing home where dr Placik's patiens are able to stay it's about $300 a night so I only planned on staying tonight even though I considered staying longer because I didn't think I can move on my own. So then the nurse brought out some dinner with water and that's when the pain killer kicked in. All I needed was WATER. I had about 3 big cups and the pain started subsiding I know just feel sore. Still a little hard to move around but it's tolerable. I had dinner here and im continuing to drink a lot. I'm 5'3 and weighed 126 today when they put me on the scale and everyone at the office said that my stomach and hips look amazing! Aside from the breast aug. Lol I was told that dr placik may only be able to put 325CC in me since I used the brava for such a short time (two weeks) and im also very petite but! He told me he was able to put in 500CC so im happy about that! Hopefully I end up with atleast a full B. Small C we shall see. I was concerned about nausea but I had a soup, sandwich and some desert for dinner loll. I feel fine no nausea. I'm afraid I'll suffer from
Heavy bruising because I had a bad history of anemia although it's a lot better and barely even there anymore. Any tips?

The morning after - Update.

Hi everyone. So I must have jinxed myself because I was taking a nap last night around 12am when I woke up to use the bathroom. When I was about to get back into bed I started to feel nauseous :( like I explained when I got to manor care I ate dinner and had a ton of water. I love to eat lol so I started having some saltine and honey crackers Sherry bought me. Well of course I kept going and going and kept eating the crackers even when I wasn't even hungry anymore I guess I just like to eat for fun which is terrible I know lol anyways I felt nauseous and started clicking away for the nurse to come I got up and stood by the garbage can when it all happened, I threw up. And it was all mostly water and crackers TMI. But I threw up about 3 times and then the nurse gave me nausea medicine that Dr placik advised me to buy, I really didn't think I would need it but this happened. I sat on the chair in my room and threw up again twice. I was extremely hot, I suffer from
Anxiety so I was freaking out thinking I was getting a fever. The nurse put the air conditioner on and I fell asleep on the chair for about 15 minutes, I hopped into bed afterwards and woke up because I started to get cold. I took my pain killer at around 5am and was advised to eat a few crackers after to avoid nausea so I did. It's 11AM now and I'm suppose to take the pain killers every 4 hours but I haven't yet. I feel OK. I'm going to take it in about an hour or two. I was going to stay at manor care but as I mentioned it's a bit pricey but my the motel 6 I stayed at didn't have a microwave for the soup I brought from home or any water unless I ran out and no complimentary breakfast. Luckily someone here helped me find La Quinta, which is about 10 min away from Dr Placik's office and is $79 a night + i get a king sized bed, microwave, fridge, complimentary breakfast and wifi which motel 6 didn't have lol so I don't mind paying more as oppose to $45 a night where I'll be in a huge dilemma. I was going to take a taxi there but Sherry (dr Placik's nurse) called me and told me she would like to pick me up and take me and also wanted to do a store run to see if I needed anything else. she has been so great and encouraging i could not ask for anything more. I'll be leaving here in a few hours, I also started taking my iron, vitamin D, b12 and vitamin c pills today, sherry gave me the OK and im glad because I wanna heal as soon as possible. I will keep you all updated :)

Post Op Day 3

It's been a rough two days, I got to see my breasts but because they're extemely swollen I can't get a good picture on how they look until the fat starts dropping to a more natural look. My skin is softening up everyday, I also bruised sooo much I didn't wanna put up a picture because it might scare some of you, but it's just because I suffer from anemia and I bruise even when Someone pinches me so the bruising here was brutal. the bruising went down today and does not look as bad you can see a difference and I've been applying arnicare gel (similar to cannula gel) it's been helping with the pain as well. Also! I went to dr Placik's office today and they showed me my hips and Oh my Gosh they are so tiny! And they have a natural curve to them everyone in the office kept saying I look like Kim Kardashian haha. of course they're still pretty swollen but I can tell it's going to look great it's where he harvested the most fat from. I'm allowed to shower but I'm still pretty sore so im going to wait until tomorrow, hopefully by then some swelling will go down. Taking my vitamins daily has been a huge help. Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes ??

Post op day 6

Hi everyone. I got back home yesterday I was super scared to fly home but I did okay, I was walking very slow at the airport people must have been getting annoyed but I literally can not walk at my normal pace like I usually do. Anyways im home now, still sore not as bad though but I'm taking ADVILS everyday. The swelling is still there but I can still it's been going down, slowly but surely, my breasts don't hurt at all go figure. What hurts is my back and thighs (LIPO areas) getting out of bed seems to be the hardest because I have to put some pressure to get up and I feel the tightness in my abdomen area. I've been taking my multi vitamins, iron b12 and vitamin d along with lots of water and orange juice for the extra vitamin C. Also I started drinking protein shakes yesterday just the kind from GNC. Because I read that when you get liposuction your body tries to reproduce protein when it's recovering and they've been tastey to have as well lol. As requested im going to post pictures of my breasts post op day 2 and today post op 6. Again I bruise easily which is why day 2 looks brutal and the bruising looks so bad. They are still very stiff and swollen I can't wait until they soften up so I can have that natural look. It has gotten a lot better :) hoping for the best!

Night cap. post op day 7

I just showered and added some arnicare cream on my bruises, back and legs. My right leg is so bruised I wven thought I was experiencing a blood clot because it felt weird to bend it. I've been doing small and errands around the house I walked my dog today for 20 min but I took it easy. It actually feels better to walk slowly then to sit and lay at home because then I had to get up and that's what hurts the most. Well I've shown you guys just about every picture of me I might as well show you what my all over bruising loooks like so you have an idea of what could happen if you're thinking about doing this procedure. Bruising is completely normal I just bruise more than most. Always happens. I'm gonna get some rest now. I'll update in a few days with some more pictures, hopefully by then some swelling will go down :)

2 weeks Post Op

Hi everyone, so Im on my second week post op. If you saw my last post I had major bruising, I purchased a new bottle of arnicare gel, and started applying it 3 times a day (as of Thursday) it's been a full week with applying the gel and all my bruising it gone, it actually started going away that same sunday. Also I went back to work on post op day 11 I felt much better I wasn't as sore and I was able to roll out of bed without being in pain. Now I can get up and now feel that stretch i did before. I still can't squat all the way down because my thighs are still a little sore but overall im okay. Almost all the pain is gone, I predict by one month post op. NOW on to the boobs! I do think they went down in size a bit but I also think it could have been all the swelling I had going on. They are much more jiggly now on the sides but still a bit stiff up front so we'll see. I went to victoria secret on post op day day 12 and got measured, I was told I was a 34C. I went back today and got measures again because being a C seems unreal but again I was told im a 34C. I tried on some bras in other stores and the 34Cs did fit so that's my size as of now :) another thing is... I did experience a lump, however it's by my armpit and its about the size of a penny. You can't see it or really feel it unless you apply some pressure. I know that it's the fat nercosis I've read about. I still take my vitamins everyday and I have some bad scarring on my breasts so im
Applying palmers cocoa butter oil. I'll update on results :)

5 weeks post op!

Im back to my normal self now :) no pain, I sometimes feel some stretching in my inner thighs but it's very rare. I've been doing some squats here and there and I wake up sore but it's that normal soreness. My breasts are still softening up, I was told it would take about 3 months to see my real size but i have a feeling they're going to stay this way. I went into the surgery at 128 and I am now 121lbs. I'm still fitting a 34C. Some people have asked if the surgery was worth it for me and my answer is Yes, I had absolutely no chest before I started this surgery, I have never taken my top or bra off in front of anyone because I was too insecure to. This surgery was something I had to do, even before I went into surgery or flew out to chicago I questioned myself on how much money I was spending on this whole thing it's a pricey procedure and it takes a toll on your body but I really could not see myself investing money into anything else that would fulfill me like this does. Having no breasts made me feel like I was missing some part of my womanhood like something was "left out" and I saw that everytime I looked into the mirror. Unfortunately it was something I couldn't shake off. Dr Placik told me he would inject as much CC's as he could being that I wore the brava for such a short amount of time. I was lucky that he was able to inject 500 CC in each breast because prior to the surgery he told me he may only be able to inject 350 CC but he did his absolute best. He took almost all the fat out of my hips. Previous to my surgery I didn't even have a natural contour to my breasts, dr Placik gave me that when he did the pelfing on me (I think that's how you spell it) he gave me a natural contour that I never had. And now I have cleavage :) I don't really have a complaint but I did talk to Nurse Sherry about possibly doing another fat transfer in the future when I'm all healed up. (Takes 6-9 months) I don't want to add a whole other cup size I think I would just like to make them a little fuller. Im still shocked when I see how they look now because I was seriously flat chested before the surgery, i feel shocked that this much fat has even stuck around. My only issue now is that I have very few donor sites to harvest fat from but I'm going to speak to Dr Placik about that :) in my pictures you'll see that I have some scarring, nurse sherry is sending me a prescription for a cream that's gonna clear it all up. I'll post pics with results :) also my stomach and hips look amazing! I was always petite but I had fluff around my hips and a small muffin top it's all gone now and pants and jeans fit me sooo much better. I look so slim. My stomach is still lumpy but I've been massaging it daily. Any questions feel free to ask Id love to help in any way I can. Im going to make a post soon on things to expect during surgery and things I wish I would have known xx
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr Placik and his staff are amazing. I had a Skype Consultation with Dr. Placik and his assistant he was very patient and explained what would happen in the surgery and what I should/shouldnt expect. He was very informative and did not rush me when I had questions, He took his time and his Assistants and nurse have been extremely helpful, Always emailing me to follow up and make sure everything is running smoothly. They followed up with me even after surgery and have been nothing less than amazing. I cannot stress how important it is to trust your surgeon and feel 100% comfortable and that's exactly what I expierenced before and after my surgery. I'll be back to see him again!

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