Finally Scheduled Tummy Tuck for March 13, 2012 - Arkansas

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I am the mother of two beautiful children (ages 10...

I am the mother of two beautiful children (ages 10 and 5), both of whom were delivered by C-section. I am only 5'0 tall and gained 40+ pounds with both pregnancies. Although I lost the weight after each pregnancy, the sagging skin and stretch marks remain.

I am very active and have maintained a regular work-out schedule for several years, but no amount of sit-ups or crunchs or weight-loss of any kind have been successful at improving my abdominal region. I scheduled a consultation for a tummy tuck with a plastic surgeon (not the one that I have chosen to use) a couple of years ago and the surgeon indicated that a TT was the only option for getting rid of the excess skin. However, I just didn't feel the time was right for me to schedule the procedure, as my daughter was still so small and I knew I would have too much "mommy guilt" about not being able to hold her and pick her up (not to mention I just didn't feel like the surgeon was the one for me.)

Fast forward two years and I am now ready to undergo the procedure. I am tired of thinking about it everyday of my life and being bothered by the hanging skin everytime I sit down or bend over! I scheduled a consultation with a female plastic surgeon in December and left the consultation knowing the time and the surgeron were right this time. I went ahead and scheduled the procedure (TT with muscle repair) for late January, but ended up rescheduling for March so that I could have 2 weeks off of work for recovery versus just the 1 week I would have been able to take in January. I have been reading the reviews on Real Self almost daily and it has been so informative and comforting to read about all the details of recovery, as it gives me a good idea of what I should expect along the way. I am so excited about the oppurtunity to finally "fix" the one part of my body that is beyond my control to improve!

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