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As I wean my fourth child, I look in the mirror...

As I wean my fourth child, I look in the mirror and see the body of a mom. I'm happy with everything besides my breasts. I went from a small B cup with small, pink areolas to a DD with each of my pregnancies. My areolas have expanded and are uneven. It's not so much the size that concerns me, I would just like to have more symmetry. (And possibly a little reduction in areola size) I joined this site to learn about what my expectations should be. I lean towards a Benelli lift, but, I'm not sure if that would work for me. A slightly drooping breast after augmentation would be attractive to me than the scars from a lollipop lift with implants. I am seeking input.

I also would like to know how long after weaning I would need to wait before scheduling a consultation. I know that breast tissue is very different in a nursing mother.My final question is about cost. I know the expense of a Binelli lift with implants can vary widely, but I am looking for a ballpark figure. Thank you.

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