Works, but Kinda Pricey for What You Get - Arizona, AZ

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I had been tracking Liposonix for some years...

I had been tracking Liposonix for some years before it was approved for the US, so when it was offered here locally, I jumped at the chance to try it. I was probably one of the first dozen or so people to try it. Originally went for treatment in June 2012. I'd say the pain is about 7 on a 1 to 10 scale; not the worst pain, but definitely can get pretty uncomfortable. After the 12 weeks, I did not really notice much difference, and the doctor's before/after measurements confirmed this. My doctor offered me the option to get my money back or to go through the treatment again, since they were relatively new at using the equipment. I really had hoped to get some results, so I decided to go through it again. After another 10 weeks or so, I went back to be remeasured. I felt some progress had been made, and the measurements confirmed I lost 1-2 inches in the areas that were treated. This was inline with the expectations that the doctor set with me when I first decided to try the procedure. I'm a pretty big guy, and if I endured another treatment, I probably could lose even more, but I would've had to pay another $2000 for a 3rd treatment, but that combined with the discomfort of the procedure was not worth another couple of inches. I definitely got a lot of complements from people afterwards asking me if I lost weight, I looked good, etc. I may consider future treatments if the costs go down.

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