It Was NOT Worth the Pain and I Look Worse Now Than Before

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I ended up with "post treatment hyperpigmentation"...

I ended up with "post treatment hyperpigmentation" under both eyes and now need further treatments, bleaching creams, etc. to get rid of the dark brown and redish scarring under my eys.

I am 50 and had some fairly deep wrinkles under the eyes and thin skin, but pretty clear, smooth skin other than that. The wrinkles have been reduced by about 50% at this time, the thin skin is already returning (maybe about 30% better than before).

The pain of this treatment was so incredible, even with double the amount of medications AND "nerve blocks" I could not stand it. I am sooo upset at the appearance of my face right now and it has been 35 days since my treatment. My wrinkles were nothing compared to this. The technician is trying to help me with other treatments and believes it can be reversed but after 35 days I have my doubts.

I do not recommend this procedure to anyone unless you have NOTHING to loose. Wrinkles are not as bad as dark brown burns (hyperpigmentation) under your eyes. I wish I had left well enough alone.

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My providers office is usually very good but I think this laser and treatment is too new.

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