Any Lipo Suctions Are Not Worth Your Time and Money

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I had smart lipo on Aug. of 2008 on my upper and...

I had smart lipo on Aug. of 2008 on my upper and lower abdoment. I looked good right after the procedure and swelled up on and off. Because of the pain, I couldn't exercize much and 8 months later, I look the same. I feel so stupid for beliving the clinic's testimonies saying it didn't hurt, short recovery time, fats won't come back, etc.

It's a lie.

Only exercize and healthy diet can make you loose weight. For some reason, my simple fat raised to 20 times higher than normal so I had to take medicine for it. I weight 145 lb which is same as I weigh before the surgury.

I was reserching online about simple fat and found out that the glan that controls simple fat is in your abdoment which in my case may have been damaged. How do you think it is safe to burn and suck in fats possible without damaging other important nerves and possibly organs?

Don't regret like me after it happends, don't do it.

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My doctor was very sweet and even sent me flowers from LA to OR but that doesn't mean anything. Wouldn't you be nice to some one who pays you $5,500? Only exercize and healthy diet people!!

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