I got tattoos when I was 15! 18 now, removing with picosure!

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Hi everyone, I am 18 years old with three itty...

Hi everyone, I am 18 years old with three itty bitty tattoos that I regret. They are simple line tattoos and thank god that is all I got! I got these when I was 15 when my best friend got hold of a mini tattoo machine and we impulsively gave it go. (very dumb) Ever since I've been whatever about them but I would love myself more if these were just off me! I get embarrassed when people mention them and I don't know what to say since they don't mean anything to me (anymore).

So I got my first laser treatment in November 2016 and I got it done with Q switch! I was discouraged that I saw no results at such a high price, $200 for itty bitty tattoos, so I took a break and never came back to them. That's when I found picosure!!! I started in january when I found a groupon deal for 2 picosure sessions for $92. Since then I've finished those two sessions and am going back for my 3rd session this week. I decided to continue because I actually saw results which encouraged me a lot. My sessions now will be 175$.

So in my photos all my tattoos have faded a bit and the chest one I can see is breaking apart. Although I've been having some trouble with transient hypopigmentation on the chest one. It has improved A LOT but I'm still waiting for my color to tone itself out. I think this happened because of blistering, my fingers did not blister and they healed fine however my chest one always blister. I don't know if I should wait longer or get it lasered anyway? Will it make a difference does anyone know? I will ask my tech this week but would love to know if anyone has dealt with this too. I'm so happy I'm seeing fading and I just wanna get it off as quick as possible but I also don't want scarring!

I'll keep updating as I go I plan on removing these completely


So here are just before pictures, sorry i don't have any good ones just ones I took from selfies lol. But it's just to show how dark they were before!

3rd picosure

Got my third picosure laser this morning. She pumped the power up to the same setting she uses for fair skin people, hopefully I'll see even better results! But boy did that hurt!!!! I ended up getting all my tattoos lasered, this will be my last session until after summer. That will probably be good for my skin so it can heal. I am a little worried about the hypopigmented tattoo that she lasered anyway. She said it was fine that it was common and can take many months to a year for color to fully return. However I somewhat doubt what she says and that my color will not fully return to normal but I guess I will deal with that when I get there. I suppose a hypopigment mark is better than a random ass tattoo lol. Anyways I'm all bandaged up now so I'll be posting pictures in the following days!!

big blister

Bigger blister this time on my chest, and my fingers look worse too lol. My finger tattoos look so blurred though so i'm excited about that!!! Can't wait to see how it heals up!

2 weeks and some days after

So I know this is really bad thing to do but during last week I peeled the scabs off my fingers and the blister skin off my chest. My anxiety is so bad, I did this before too but I managed to wait longer than before at least. Anyways that's why they look like that and I can tell the chest one is going to hypopigment again like last time. I think it is interesting as the dark middle spot inside the tattoo has moved which makes me believe every time it blisters it kind of "resets" the hypopigment, so some areas that were lighter before will be dark, and some dark areas before will be light. Idk if that makes sense. They look scary but they're fine I've seen them heal like this before so I'm not that worried. I do worry a little that the chest one is going to hypopigment even worse meaning that it will be even more starkingly white than before but I will deal with that when I get there!

3 weeks after

So tomorrow will mark my 3 weeks after treatment. I am still a bit anxious about the hypopigmentation, I just want it to go away! But I am not TOO concerned because last time this had happened hypopigmentation went away after at the 8 week mark by the time I came back for another session. I probably should have given my skin more time to just chill. However I'm going camping for 4 days tomorrow and I worry about having to keep my tattoos away from the sun. So this is what my tattoos look like today. Hypopigmentation has faded a little bit, the ones on my fingers are still a little pinkish but they look so horribly noticeable in the sun it makes me so anxious when I see it. But besides that I am actually happy with the tattoo fading. I think I probably need 3 more sessions.? We'll see!

update ......

Honestly have been feeling down about my tattoos and my body. I know my tattoos are small and most people will mention that "hey at least your tattoos are so tiny!" but the hypopigmentation on my chest is really getting to me. I am glad that the hypopigmentation on my fingers has gone away completely but the one on my chest has me so depressed. It has faded some but nothing like how it faded last time. I feel like I shouldn't have allowed my technician to go on with the laser even though I stressed to her about it she told me these can take up to a year to disappear. I feel so sad, I just want my skin back. I want to wear tank tops and cute tops but i am too embarrassed to show this mess. I feel worse thinking about how long more I have to go. I barely see actual complete tattoo removals on here which is so disheartening. I am tanner skin which I know makes my chances worse. I contemplate about excising my chest tattoo, at least then the hypopigmentation will be cut out too, but I know it will leave an ugly scar and I don't think that's worth it.

getting antsy

Still a month left of summer, I've been doing my well to stay out of the sun so I can stop tanning! My current tan however is still here and I think a good measure as to when I can come back for my next session is to wait for my bikini tan lines to fully fade away. Unfortunately this will take a long time for me, probably october at best but will probably have to wait until winter. I am however ecstatic that my skin tone has returned!!!!!!! It was so slow at first but all of a sudden in these past two weeks my hypopigmentation is evening itself out. Time truly is everything. I swear I will be good next time and not pick at them and wait longer in between sessions. I am so elated. Here are pictures I took today. Have noticed more fading over the summer but still need plenty of sessions more. I hope I will be done by a year. Anyways happy fading! :)
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