43 Yrs Old - Ann Arbor, MI

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I have waited years for this! I'm 43 years old....

I have waited years for this! I'm 43 years old. Delivered 3 baby boys and adopted a sweet princess. Two years ago I lost 65 pounds & reached a low of 158lbs have gained back about 25 and down on myself for that but I'm 5 months smoke free so that's a good thing. Hoping after getting all this skin off I'll get back into the gym & get back to we're I feel good. I know I may have a little loose skin but it won't be this bad..

Tomorrow's the big day!

It's kinda surreal. I'm a little nervous but I have wanted this for so long. Whatever happens happens.. They called this morning to update and tell me nothing to eat after midnight then nothing to drink after 8am. I have to be there at 10am & surgery is scheduled for 12. OR is blocked for 6 hours... Still can't decide if I should do the Fluer de lis or just circumferential. I want the flattest tummy possible but worry about the scar ending up crooked.. At 43 I'll probably never wear a bikini so probably shouldn't think about the scar, but who knows... just hope my surgeon is in a good mood tomorrow..


I have a pretty good pain tolerance & nothing could have prepared me for this..

Post op day 10

They are not the best photos but it gives you an idea.

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