26Yr Old...Two Kids...looking for 450 Silicone Unders - Ann Arbor, MI

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Hi!!! I'm looking to get a breast augmentation in...

Hi!!! I'm looking to get a breast augmentation in the next year. I've been researching this for at least 2 years. I know for sure what I want after looking at pictures and seeing what I do not want. I'm looking for mod+ implants 450 under the muscle. I'm 5'4 and I want to loose at least 40 lbs before I get the procedure to be at my ideal weight of 135. I've already had my consultation it's just getting the money together has been quite difficult. I'm a single mom who is paying for school while taking care of them. I want to be able to actually afford to get them. The reason is because I had my first born at 16 and my second at 20..I breastfed both and lost all types of fullness. They are just flat as a board. But good news is that I have lots of breast tissue but still opted for silicone because I prefer the feel of them better. I'm also bottom heavy and would like for my body to be proportional. Fitting into a low back dress wouldn't hurt either lol! But I've given this lots of thought and I am ready to be on the other side with you ladies!!!!

Wish boobs

General idea of stats

I'm looking for a more natural look. I don't really like the obvious fake look. It's too round for me. But I think the natural look would go nicely with my build. When I went to my consultation I was told that I wouldn't need a lift and my right boob is smaller than my left which means I'll have two different size implants which I'm a little scared about. I really want them to look natural and not uneven. As you can see right now I'm a little bottom heavy but once I loose this gut lol I think I'll be ok.


These are the sizes I'm deciding against 375cc silicone vs. 450cc silicone.

Sleeping on sides

Does anyone sleep on their stomach? Or on their sides? I was also wondering how long after the procedure did you guys have to sleep on your back? I'm not a back sleeper AT ALL, and am trying to get a feel of how long it'll take to sleep on my back. I'm a side and stomach sleeper. And do you have to wear bras all the time once you have implants?

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