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13 Feb 2017

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Amazing Plastic Surgeon

First of all, it's important to say that I'm not new to plastic surgery. I've had several other procedures with another plastic surgeon over the last 12 years. After my last plastic surgery experience left me with unsatisfactory results, I decided I would have to shop around for future procedures. I went to see Dr. A for a non-cosmetic reason and casually asked him for some feedback on a TT. He spent some time discussing the procedure and showing me pictures of his process. I was so impressed with his consistent results that I decided to book a consultation. At my consultation, Dr. A spent an entire hour with me, answering every single question on my list and paying very close attention to my requests. He's very realistic about surgery outcomes and doesn't sell you on anything you don't need. Which is something I would have appreciated at my last PS' office. His demeanor and attentiveness was so refreshing! He's also not condescending or uninterested like most physicians seem to be these days. In fact, I had 3 other consults booked and cancelled 2 after my meeting with him. The 1st consult was before my initial cosmetic consult with Dr. A. After spending some time with him, I knew he had to be my surgeon forevermore. He's so engaged in positive patient outcomes and ensuring we're having a great experience. I especially love that Dr. A is extremely dedicated to his work. You can tell he loves what he does and takes so much pride in it. My procedures will take place in about a month and I'll update my review then. Make your appointment to meet him, you won't regret it!