45 Year Old Male. Andover, MA

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I am a 45 year old male is pretty good shape, 6'0...

I am a 45 year old male is pretty good shape, 6'0 195lbs. I have had a double chin all my life and it really bothered me in pictures and I was very conscience of it even when I smiled. I stumbled upon this treatment option and within 2 weeks had my initial injection on Oct 19th.

At the appointment all went well, just iced up the area and received about 40 shots which was all 4 vials. There was no pain at all and I went home afterwards and had lunch. I iced it that night and was very swollen but no real pain. The following morning I had swelled up huge and decided not to go to work as it was totally obvious. You can't hide this treatment for the first few days so plan for that. The first 3-5 days you will feel totally conscious about the treatment and it is swollen and a bit bruised. I didn't shave so you couldn't really see the bruising.

I am now at day 10 and the swelling is gone but my double chin is still worse than before. My theory is that what I am seeing isn't swelling or additional fat but rather the actual 4 vials of fluid hanging around in the chin cavity. All of that fluid has to go someplace and so that is the liquid pouch that we are all talking about. My hope is that it just keeps discolving and I at least get back to base line soon. Also the numbness is still there but not as bad as right after, this makes shaving weird...

I'll provide more updates but in a nutshell the pain is no issue but the swelling is quite dramatic and you won't look normal again for at least 1-2 weeks.
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