Rhinoplasty 23YO Female - Seperating Myself from the Nose I Was Bullied About for Years - Anchorage, AK

My story probably isn't unique. I was bullied...

My story probably isn't unique. I was bullied badly all through high school by kids at school and my siblings. I always hated my nose and I remember when I told my dad about it (who has the same nose), instead of telling me something positive, told me he'd get it fixed when I turned 18. Well, life happened and he never was able to afford it, so I've been saving up for 2 years to get this done. I've had plenty of people act confused and not understand why I want to get this done, but I am not doing this for them. It breaks my husband's heart to hear me talk about how much I dislike my face because of my nose every single night when I look in the mirror. For me, this procedure will help me fully realize that the people who bullied me, called me birdbeak, and threw rocks at me were idiots because my nose isn't me, it's just a superficial part of me that I can change. I know they won't even know I did this, much less care I did, but this is about how I feel, not them.

I had concerns of BDD, so I spoke extensively about it with a psychologist for 4 months to make sure it wasn't the case. She gave me the green light that my issues are in fact with my nose, and not with an overarching image issue. Knowing this, I feel confident that I am making the right decision.

I've spent so much time pouring over before and afters on this site and imagining myself with a more fitting nose. I go in for my second consult in 2 weeks and I can't wait to set my surgery date.
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