28, 5'7'', 133- Need Advice Deciding Between 265 Vs 300 Cc

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Ive been wanting/ thinking about a breast...

Ive been wanting/ thinking about a breast augmentation since I was 14, when I realized what I had wasn't going to grow anymore.

I am very athletic and work out 5 times a week, which I know doesn't help my situation. But even when I do gain weight it ends up in my stomach way before my chest and I hate when my stomach pops out more than my breast. I am hoping for a natural look (aren't we all) that will fit my frame without going over board. Ive had one consultation with a doctor who I really like and trust. We went over my measurements and he showed me two options he started with the 275cc anatomical gummy bear saying that this would fit my frame and look the most natural.

My first thought was I was kinda disappointed how small it looked. I know its hard to tell when you are trying on the bra with the implants in them and then a tight skin colored shirt but they didn't impress me. Then I tried on the 300cc, in the photos he took they looked huge! But im not sure if it was the shadowing. I was leaning towards the 300cc as I felt if im going through the pain and the money I want to notice a difference. However, now im going back and forth between the two. I realize its a very small difference in size but curious to know what you guys think.

My boyfriend is probably the most concerned out of anyone that they will look too big. I value his opinion as he knows my body better than anyone else and my eyes only see the negative about myself.

I dont know my true bra size considering everything is little different and depending on how much im running they change. I currently wear a 32B from Victoria secret with push up and padding. I plan on doing the rice test once I buy a food scale.

Any other ladies out there with roughly the same measurements?

More before pics

Wish boobs

Absolutely obsessed with this site

Iv become obsessed. I used to be the girl who stole glances at breast in the locker room so jealous of everyone and now I can't stop looking at this site! Iv started forgetting where I am and checking/ searching through the site in public only to realize it looks a little odd. Took me way to long to figure out what that little eyeball in the top right corner does on the app hahaha

Thank you to everyone who has posted their stories and reviews. Such an inspiration and help. Puts my nerves at ease (kinda) now I'm just ready to join the other side. 28 days seems so far away!

300 in 4 days!

Had a second consultation last Thursday and feel very confident in the 300 which Iv chosen. My doctor is so calm and collected which puts my anxious heart at ease. We both agreed for my hips and overall shape the 300 was the best way to go.

Eeek I can't believe it's finally happening! Will post a last before pic md updates on Friyay!

Ahh no!!

No no no no I work up this morning feel sick, headache and sniffles. I'm taking all the zinc and meds I can but freaking out a bit. With surgery on Friday if I'm not better quick I feel like we will have to post pone and I really can't afford it. Sorry for the vent but I need to get it out so I don't bottle it anymore.

30 min countdown

Ahh I'm so thirsty and hungry! I'm to be at the clinic in 30 minutes (it's a 7min walk). Was up most the night anxious and thirsty haha and anxious about how thirsty I was. I can't wait to be on the other side! Here are my official pre surgery boobs. Can't wait to meet the new ones. Will message when I'm up!! Xoxoxo

Home and sore

Surgery went really well the anesthesiologist were so kind and the assistant stroked my head as I went to sleep. Woke up in the recovery room feeling good. My boyfriend snuck me in a carrot cake cupcake and a couple hours later was allowed to go home. They are very sore and my chest feels so tight it's hard to breathe. Been testing on the couch and then took a nap. The Dutch don't believe in extra meds so I was sent home without any pain meds so I'm taking paracetamol every couple of hours. Wish I had more heavy duty stuff but thankful to my boyfriend for dotting on me left and right. The worst pain is when I stand and I'm still not sure how to stand with them hahah my top feels heavy and my skin feels tights. Fingers crossed tomorrow starts feeling better. They surprisingly don't look big and in my sweater you can't even tell Iv had anything done which is great! They feel very full. Once I feel better I'll post a pic in my "sexy" bra that they gave me.

Day 4 photos

Scar is very sore under my left breast skin is very tight but everyday feeling better and better all around. Excited for the rest of my swelling to go down and for things to start settling into place. I wasn't given a scar cream to take home with me which makes me nervous but the nurse said they'd give it to me on my next check up in a week. I was not prepared for the bloating and constipation this was going to cause. I look like a beached whale about to explode! sorry if that is tmi and I'm very pleased how I look just 4 days out but so uncomfortable! More updates to come!

High and tight

Today's been the worst day as far as pain. Weirdest part was they've turned really hard and feel like they've moved higher. Been wearing the same bra that they gave me at the doctors 24/7 (aside from the shower). Hoping to move my post op hopefully to Monday to speak with the doctor. All of this is so weird! Has anyone had the high and super hard boob feeling 5 days after? Other than that I love the size they are shaping up to be!

Taking shape

Love them so much

Tomorrow is the two week mark yippee. Have my post appointment today. Feeling good. My skin is much more comfortable now and I'm walking normal. Still some aching and have little range of motion up or side ways but day by day! I'm still in my medical bra for the next 4 weeks but wanted to sneak a picture of them in something more fun while it was in the wash.
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