Double Vision 7 Weeks Post PRK - Amman, Jordan

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I had 4.5 estigmatism in each eye and was 1.25...

I had 4.5 estigmatism in each eye and was 1.25 shortsited, I couldnt see without glasses, after PRK it did get better, but I'm not sure what happened to me, doctors kind of disagreed, as my vision was getting better, at the 3th week my eyes got infected, some said virus, some said bacteria, some said allergy, my doctor first gave me Vegamox for a week, nothing happened, my eyes got worse, then he told me to use Fucicort cream on my eye lids, that kind of helped, till i requested he changes my eye drops to a perservative free one, I changed BluYal.Gel and started Artilac Advance drops.

Amazingly my eyes got better so far, but I the double vision got worse, shapes are distorted from a distance, and everything with light, like traffic light, the moon, subtitles on tv, specially light text with a dark background, becomes all double vision, with many shadows, reading and watching tv gives me a very bad headache, I'm 7 weeks post op now, and still no improvement.

I found out that I stress my eyes a lot lately from having to really focus and squeeze my eyes to clear the images.... It's really frustrating because I'm afraid that PRK missed things up in my eyes, I read that could be uncorrected estigmatism, but before, my estigmatism resulted in blury vision, no shadows and no double vision :(

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