Straight Teeth but a Horribly Misaligned Jaw & TMJ Pain - Ames, Iowa

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I had slightly crooked teeth as a kid. However, my...

I had slightly crooked teeth as a kid. However, my jaw was fine, and it was more of a cosmetic issue than anything. Just because every single person from my junior high got braces, I went along with the crowd and my parents paid $3000 for braces. The orthodontist insisted on pulling out three of my teeth (even though it would shift my jaw into an incredibly awkward position and cause an improper bite).

I now have straight teeth, but my bite is horrible, and I have had severe TMJ pain for literally 10+ years since getting braces. I also developed teeth grinding habits both during the day and at night (though I've since forced myself to stop grinding during the day). I can't bite down properly -- my upper teeth goes right and my lower teeth goes left. My overbite is possibly WORSE than before braces, too.

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