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Amazingly considerate and thorough!

Breast Reconstruction

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28 Oct 2016

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Amazingly considerate and thorough!

I have had 5 surgeries on my breasts, not by choice. I had infections, capsular contracture, and 2 deflations. I had 2 consultations before mine with Dr. Omidi, both were really reputable doctors. However, when I met Dr. Omidi, he was so thorough about explaining everything to me and he understood how much trauma I went through before, and treated my surgery cautiously knowing all the risks involved. My other doctors didn't take the time to make me feel comfortable. When I left my consultation, I literally cried happy tears, because I felt I finally met the doctor who will finally give me beautiful breasts that I can keep forever and his staff is completely amazing and made me feel so comfortable, and even catered to my guest who drove to my surgery and was waiting in the lobby the whole time.