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Amazing work

Tummy Tuck

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16 Nov 2016

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Amazing work

I went to Dr Fox a year ago for her waist cinching tummy tuck. But this last spring when I went to a garden event I didn't realize how good I looked until I tried on the dress I wore the year before. My waist was so loose on a previously tight dress. So, I wanted to share my happiness with other women. A tummy tuck should not only reduce the extra skin and fat (I had hip lipo at the same time and dropped two pants sizes), but it's the tightening that is the key I believe. My posture, my lower back strength, my feeling of being tight makes me feel actually healthier. The tummy tuck didn't hurt like I expected. I was driving at a week. The overnight stay was a joy and the contact with Dr Fox and her nurses was very comforting. I think most women need tummy tucks and they should be done the way she does them. I highly recommend her.