Amazing Results, 54 Year Old with 20 Year Old Boobs! Still.

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I used a doctor in Dallas after going to many of...

I used a doctor in Dallas after going to many of them in Plano, and I love this guy! Okay, he was good looking but I also had friends that had used him. My right breast had gotten much smaller over the years and he fixed them both and they're pretty! I went in being scared to death since I'd never had anesthesia and they were all so great and sweet that the minute I headed to have the surgery my fears were gone. The needle was put in my hand and the next thing I knew the nurse was saying my name to wake me up. The pain wasn't bad at all and I'm a pure wimp when it comes to any pain. UPDATE: Went back to the doctor and the nurse was going to trim some of the sutures that were growing out of my nipple area. She pulled one through and cut it, dropped the tweezers and then picked them back up again. I was so high on drugs that I didn't even think to say anything. Now I sit here with an infection and there's a possibility that I will have to have one implant removed and wait for the infection to clear up and have it put back in. I'm not happy. Be sure and take someone with you that's not on pain killers so they can notice everything going on.
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