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Amazing, humble, kind and talented!!

Chin Surgery

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19 Sep 2016

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Amazing, humble, kind and talented!!

I'm just so happy that I went to Dr. Breitbart! First of all, as a person he is so genuine and humble. Something that you rarely in a plastic surgeon. He is never pushy and takes his time to answer all questions and concerns. He also has an amazing resume and attended the finest schools. (I always check this with my doctors) Anyway, Dr. B did an amazing job and I'm so thrilled with my results. 20 years ago I had a chin reduction that involved bone shaving. Gravity eventually took it's toll and by 40 years old I had a typical witches chin. The skin just seemed to hang off the bottom of my chin. Dr. B performed the surgery and removed the layer of skin and fat that had accumulated there. Finally I have the chin I always wanted and I have literally no scar! It was the perfect refresher for my face! Thank you Dr. Breitbart!!