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I was 44 and needed a chin implant and lipo under...

I was 44 and needed a chin implant and lipo under. It was affecting my self esteem. The lipo was great, the chin looks great but I was left with right side of mouth/smile crooked. I was known for a great smile!

My Doctor had me take an antibiotic, and an x-ray. No infection and implant seemed to be o.k. and no restrictions. I had a few other visits and no change. After almost a year we decided to try something besides taking it out. The Doctor shaved the implant down some and moved it down further. It did help some on the left side, but the right side once again was affected though slightly better results. But a new problem though i am only 6 weeks out from last surgery. Below the affect side of my lip i cannot move that area. Almost like when you have had Novocaine, even affects when i eat and make certain facial expressions. It is really discouraging.

If not better in 3 months or so I will have it removed. Though i had a second opinion and the doctor seems to think the muscle is atrophied and recommended i not take it out. I regret now having done the implant. though i am glad i did the liposuction. I did not do a lot of research and should have before doing any kind of surgery.

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I researched after the fact. My Doctor did not seem to know what most doctors know of complications or post operative things that are common and heal after time. Though he has tried to rectify the problem.

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